Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wow...Over 3 months since my last post!

Hi, bloggers...Readers or anyone that just stumbled upon this lazy blog by accident!  Where oh where have I been you ask? Taking an extremely long break obviously....just being lazy and disinterested in this blog I guess. What is been going on since my last post? the kids off to school...We have already had one grading period complete and Max and Aaron both did well. The older two boys are doing well also. My oldest Tim is just working right now..he took a semester off from college, his Junior year and not sure where that is going to lead. I really do hope that he goes back and finishes at some point..I would hate to see 3 years and all that money wasted and no degree to show for it. Justin, my 18 year old has started his Freshman year of college and is doing well. Grades are good and he works all the time. So that leaves me hardly anytime to talk or see either one of them.

I finally ran my 2nd Half Marathon...I ran the Purdue inaugural Half-Marathon in was by far the best Half I have ever done....I didn't stop running the entire Half..all 13.1 miles with no walk breaks and I felt fantastic! I wanted to beat my previous half time of 2:22 and I killed official race time was 2:04!  I was runner 705 out of 1510 people....I can't wait to next year to do it again.

My fitness level, time at the gym has really dropped over the past few months...I have gained some weight and I am far from happy with my physcial appearance right now. Not a lot....10 lbs....but enough...I couldn't figure out why, as I was still going to the gym 4 times a week minimum, still watching what I ate, with an occasional splurge every now and then...but nothing extreme...then I started noticing my stomach was really bloated, like 4 months pregnant bloated...I was starting to freak, I am going to get a little personal here so if any guys are reading, you might want to stop right here....I have noticed along with the weight gain, my periods were coming earlier every month and were lasting longer....then a month ago, I started my period 10 days earlier then I was supposed to and I have had my period now, non-stop for 30 days..I did go to the Doctor (which is an entirely different story-had to find a new doctor) after 2 weeks off it...they tried to stop it with birth control pills (which made me sick as hell) and to no doctor couldn't see me until November, and because I felt that he just didn't give a shit, I did some research and found another doctor, who is awesome by the way. I called them and they got me in the very next day. I was feeling like poo and had no energy, felt exhausted and could barely eek out a 3 mile run...the bleeding was so severe that I had to wear a pad and an ultra tampon and change every hour....this was 2 weeks, anyway, I go to this new doctor and he checks me and confirms that I have uterine fibroids, determines I am also probably anemic due to the excessive blood loss and says the word no woman at my age wants to hear...HYSTERECTOMY!!!  Oh My....he ordered an ultrasound and blood work, had those done last Friday and now I am just waiting on him to call me back with the results and figure out a plan....

I am not going to lie, I am really scared...for a lot of reasons...the surgery, being out of work, the early onset of menopause and what will happen to my sex life....yes, my sex life...I am concerned, after all the  horror stories I have heard, that I will no longer have one....I am only 42 and sometimes, I still feel like I am 22...not ready to close the door and be a total old woman in that area. If you have ever had that done, please email me and tell me your experiences and how things are for you now. I could use the advise.

Enough of, next week is Thanksgiving....and again, the big meal falls on my shoulders....don't get me wrong...I enjoy having my family all is just that I spend all my time for 2 days straight in the kitchen and there is no enjoyment/rest for me....come Thanksgiving night, I am exhausted, being that I have to work the day before and after plus do all the cooking/ family (the older boys especially) are going to have to step up and help me....I just can't do it all on my own this year.

So...I will stop here....if anyone has any advice for me regarding the hysterectomy, I would love to hear from you. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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