Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dancing With The Stars....Episode 4 Recap

Wow! Last week the women dominated and last night they continued to bring it! The Men did much better as well...it is going to be really interesting to see who is going to make it all the way to the end.

(I apologize over the photos...I could not find actual costumes/dances from last nights performance)

The top scorer of the night and obviously the judges favorite....Sabrina Bryan and her partner Mark Ballas..dancing the Paso Doble.

They were absolutely incredible! True Perfection in every sense of the word...They truly set their own standards, continuing to bring it every single week...she is like a prowling lynx...you could not find one single thing wrong with their entire performance....Sabrina and Mark received the first perfect score of the season, scoring 30 out of 30!

There was a three way tie for second place...scoring 27 out of 30, beginning with Cameron Mathison & Edyta Sliwinska...dancing the Paso Doble....

Cameron and Edyta added a Superman theme to their dance.....Bruno was quoted as saying that "Superman is back in a blaze of glory." Cameron and the Paso Doble went together like fish and chips....the total performance was incredible, very grounded, lines were smooth....total score, as stated above...27 out of 30.

Next with 27 out of 30, we had Jennie Garth & Derek Hough, also dancing the Paso Doble.

They totally nailed their routine...the choreography was great, fantastic performance. They are getting better every week....Jenny comes across has very passionate, full of fire....
She has truly dusted off her defeat from a couple of weeks ago and is dancing her way to the top!

The final couple, tying for second, with 27 out of 30...my favorite to win, Helio Castroneves & Julianne Hough, dancing the Viennese Waltz...

I totally agree with Carrie Ann's comment, when Helio dances, he makes you happy to be alive! He is like sunlight, of which you can never have enough. He kind of stalled last week, but totally revved it up this week....last nights performance was fantastic...all three judges, myself included, totally loved it. As partners, Helio and Julianne are so in tune with one another; complimenting each other very well. It is amazing the man has never danced before. Let's hope that last nights performance will bring Helio back to the top of the leader board.

There was a three way tie for third place last night, from the women....with scores of 26 out of 30...

Beginning with Jane Seymour and her partner Tony Dovolani...dancing the Viennese Waltz...

Their over all dance was regal and elegant, but caught a lot of grief from Carrie Ann over a supposed lift, that in this particular dance, a lift was against the rules, and they were told they violated that rule..I barely seen her feet come off the floor...when I think of Lifts, I think of Dirty Dancing, Baby's lift from Johnny at the end of the movie. Not an inch of foot off of the floor. Although Carrie Ann was a little harsh, the other judges gave shining compliments, saying their performance was delicious, all of the moments of Old Vienna...truly exquisite...I have to agree with Bruno and Len on that.

Second tie for third place....was Mel B & her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, dancing the Viennese Waltz....

Their dance was graceful and passionate....Mel B truly looked and danced like a real princess....it totally swept you away. She is very womanly when she dances, but also very graceful...A true revelation on the dance floor. Although, the dance was perfection, it was not without one flaw...as pointed out by Carrie Ann, she needs to work on her turns, they were a little off throughout the dance.

Third tie for third place were Marie Osmond & Jonathan Roberts, dancing the Viennese Waltz....

Their performance last night was not as good as last week...the most notable comment was that Marie looked like a sleepy stripper....due to Brunos comment, that she looked like Sleeping Beauty, still asleep...she was not quite in character last night..overall I had to agree with Len, I thought she did a great job!

Coming in at the bottom, with the two lowest scores of the night, we first have
Floyd Mayweather & Karina Smirnoff, dancing the Paso Doble....

Last night, Floyd went from a bulldozer to a bullfighter in one giant leap. He totally came out with 100%, giving it his all...he totally stayed in character, showing that this was truly his dance. It was the best improvement seen from him thus far, scoring 23 out of 30 points.

At the bottom of the pack, were Mark Cuban and his partner Kym Johnson, dancing the Viennese Waltz.

Last nights performance by Mark was truly his best yet, but it was still not good enough to keep him from the bottom. You can tell he is working hard, and is improving. Still, with last nights dance, he lost a little bit of the rythm. For once, he kept his facial expressions at bay, did not dance with his mouth, no singing when he danced.

My prediction for tonights results show is that Mark or Floyd will be the next to go home....what is your prediction?

Stay tuned tonight, 9 P.M., CBS...guest stars are supposed to be Gloria Estefan and Wade Robson.

Until tomorrow....Dixiechick...out!


Sicilian said...

Dixie. . . . I can't get into the dancing with the stars thing. I get clips of it in the morning on the news while I exercise, and that is about it.
I do find it interesting that Mark Cuban, who is a handome rich man, is on the show. Still not enough to interst me.


Sicilian...I guess you kind of have to be a reality show junkie..of which I am..to a degree. That's ok, if it's not your thing, it's not. There always interesting stars on the show, sometimes they choose stars that you absolutely can't understand why..but it can be entertaining.

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Dixie:

This week, I thought everyone improved.....some more than others, but the competition is definitely getting tougher.

I have to agree with you, as I think that either Mark or Floyd will be going home tonight....probably Mark.

I was disappointed to hear that Gloria Estefan is NOT going to be on tonight, as planned. Apparently her mom is very ill, so she had to cancel. First Jane Seymour's mom, and now this. Not good!!!

Happy watching!!



Wow...Linda..I didn't know that Gloria Estefan wouldn't be on there. Who is replacing her, do you know? I agree with you, I think Mark will be sent home tonight.

Bradley's Mom said...

Tom Bergeron DID mention last night who would be on tonight replacing Gloria, but I didn't recognize the name, and I don't remember it!!




I didn't hear it...my phone would not stop ringing...four year old chose the very end of the show, to get out of bed...again...so, I missed that announcement...oh, well..guess we will see tonight.

Nap Warden said...

I agree with you two...I think Marc is on his way out. I love love loved Helio this week. He's just so easy to root for! Jenny Garth won me over this week as well. I think she and Helio might be in the final....

Bradley's Mom said...

Well, Mark survived again! LOL

Floyd wasn't up to snuff though either, so it was his time to go.

I was surprised that Mel and Maksim were in the bottom two, but maybe her fan base just didn't vote. Who knows!

Onward and upward!!