Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Semi-Final Round......Recap!

Wow!! It was a night of sheer perfection on Dancing with the Stars last night! The judges were handing out 30's like candy! I was totally glued to my t.v. set the entire time. Another highlight for the dancers, was they each got one on one time, a master class, so to speak...from Len. That was entertaining to watch the old goat dancing and gyrating his hips...Ummm, yeah.
The dancers were allowed to pick one ballroom dance and one Latin dance
O.K........let's do this!

First up were Marie and Jonathan....

They opened the show with a bang! Their first dance was the Quickstep...Marie was dressed beautifully in a baby blue dress that was extremely flattering....she was all bubbly and almost Snow White, dancing to the song "Good Morning"....I was surprised she didn't have birds flying around and bunny rabbits and deer standing around watching her in awe....Oh...wait a minute, where was I? Lost in fairy tale land there for a minute..lol...Anyway, their Quickstep was very good...not as good as previously, but good. They got a standing ovation, of course and were well praised by the judges. At the end, Marie did a cool spin thing on her stomach.
Len told her she brings a lot of joy and entertainment to the show, Carrie Ann thought they were wonderful, classic performance; felt all the steps were there.
Bruno stated, "Has Marie gone Hollywood"...Apparently her strategy was to follow Jonathan's strategy...for their Quickstep..they scored 29.

Their second dance was the Mambo....their costumes reminded me of something Donny and Marie would wear back in the day...very ruffled, very loud....although, they did end up ripping off parts of each others costumes..revealing sleeker outfits underneath..
Their Mambo was sassy, vibrant, ending with Marie flying into the laps of all of her brothers in the audience...so silly!
Len said it was frenetic, yet entertaining...although she did lose her footing like five different times throughout. Carrie Ann said the Hot cougar was back...she said it was fantastic. Len said her hips were working, highly energetic..enough to hook up to the national grid, light up Hollywood.
For their Mambo, they received 27...giving them a total score for the night of 56.

Mel and Maks are next to perform, beginning with their ballroom dance choice...the Viennese Waltz...

They too got a standing ovation. I must say, it was awesome. There were a lot of spins, and Mel does this unbelievable dance/walk where with each step, she goes down into the splits...made me hurt just to see it. Wow! They danced to a Queen song, Somebody to love..I just love Queen. Awesome costume, awesome dance, awesome choice in song. Bruno stated it was fast, precise, sexy and incredible. Carrie Ann stated that it gave her "chills"..they totally moved as one, it was gorgeous, expressive...all that, then some. Len said she was the Queen Bee....it was fabulous!
They scored another perfect 30!

For their second dance, they chose the Paso Doble...it was very, how should I say, Dominatrix??? They are wearing this ridiculous velvety costume....Mel comes out twirling and smacking this whip...I thought it was over the top, in a not so good way! I mean, the dance itself was good, just the whole dominatrix/whip combo threw me off. Anyway, once again...the judges liked it. Carrie Ann felt it was a dynamic performance, topped perfection. Len totally liked the whip thing....he commented, "You can whip me if I misbehave"....he felt it was Fantastic!
Bruno said Mel B was satisfaction guaranteed....said it was precise...fantastic. Told her she was a star! They again scored a perfect 30...giving them a total for the night of 60.

Third couple up...Jennie and Derek....dancing the Tango.

Jennie is so timid....it took her a while to get into the groove of things....It was boring, did nothing for me at all. I mean, the Tango is supposed to be a hot dance...for Jennie and Derek...it was not smoking.
Carrie Ann felt it was missing Chemistry...just OK. Len disagrees...he thinks it was very good...vibrant and passionate.
Bruno called Jenny a Red Menace (her dress was red)...he thought the choreography was intricate and the steps were perfect...they score a 28.

For their Latin dance, they choose to Cha Cha Cha...and they do a great job, to Mustang Sally...love that song! They look great....hard to believe Jennie has three kids...her body is amazing. Len felt Jennie has developed tremendously, the dance was fantastic. Bruno said it was yummy, that she finally has her "star power".
Carrie Ann felt she had worked it out and come together...fantastic.
They scored their first 30 ever....bringing their total score to a 58 for the evening.

Up last, we have my man, Helio and Julianne...he is really such a sweet and thoughtful guy. Last week, they scored a perfect 30 and to thank Julianne, Helio fills their dance studio with balloons and flowers for her, and introduces her to her favorite band, Rascal Flats...what a romantic guy!

I know there is a little age difference there, but they have both cancelled their engagements to other people....I totally think they should be a couple, at of the dance studio....

OK...where was I....their first dance, they danced the Foxtrot...they both start out waving canes around...I loved it...it worked so much better for them than Mel B and her ridiculous whip! Helio has improved the most, I believe, in this entire competition...with no dancing skills what so ever when he started, he totally deserves to win. Len calls Helio a gherkin tonight...because of his green suit...Yumm...I would totally eat him up! Lol...Len said it was a beautiful performance...just fantastic! Bruno stated that Helio must be a wizard, because it is impossible to believe that he has never danced....Carrie Ann said Helio looked like a dancing leprechaun, very charismatic...totally mind blowing! I have to agree...they scored a perfect 30 and they deserved it!

For their final dance, Helio and Julianne also dance the Cha Cha Cha....they start out on the staircase....Helio is totally at home with his disco type moves..the dance is fun and energetic...Bruno said it was "eye popping"...full of "raz matazz"...he also said watching them dance was a "great ride"....Len said they were the stand out couple of the night...he tells Helio it will be a tragedy if he doesn't win it...and oh, I so have to agree. Carrie Ann told Helio that he was a star....totally mind boggling, fantastic.
Yippee...they get another perfect score....30. Giving them a grand total for the evening of 60. He totally had the pedal to the medal all night! Way to go Helio!

So...Mel B and Helio are tied...both with perfect scores...
Jennie is in second and Marie, again brings up the rear....

I'm not sure how this is going to play out.....I do believe Mel B and Helio will be dancing it out next week for that coveted win...has far as fans go, I feel Mel B beats up into submission with her whole Scary Spice thing, while Helio infects us with his love for life and that wonderful smile.

Do you think Marie or Jennie have a fan base strong enough to put them in the finals with Mel B and Helio?

Who do you think should go home tonight?

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m...CBS...let's find out together. I say Jennie will go home tonight. Only because Marie has a much stronger fan base...although Jennie is a better dancer.

Avril Lavigne will be performing two songs....the Cheetah girl Sabrina Bryan will be back to Dance again and Lord of the Dance Choreographer Michael Flatley will be performing.



Motor City Monk said...

Nice recap - much better than actually watching the show.

Sorry, I just can't get into it - different strokes...


Different strokes indeed...lol..

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Dixie:

Wonderful recap again!! You do such a great job on this!!

I have to ask you.....WHERE did you hear that Helio and Julianne cancelled their engagements? REALLY????? I didn't know that they were engaged, let alone broke them off.

They ARE very adorable together, but he is almost twice her age, isn't he? Well, you never know!! It happened with Sabrina and Mark!!

I, too, think Jennie will probably go home tonight....we shall just have to wait and see. It's a close competition, that's for sure.

I have been pulling for Helio and Julianne from the get-go. I do hope they win the whole thing!

Have a great day!!



Hi, Linda...thanks for stopping by...and thanks for your compliments. I enjoy putting these posts together,don't know what I am going to do to fill my Mondays and Tuesdays after next week.

I heard about Helio through the indy500 website, Juliannes break up has been all over the Dancing with the Stars news pages....she broke up with her guy months ago...
Helio "postponed" his wedding, which was supposed to take place this month, until possibly next year. I personally, don't think it is going to happen.
Helio is only 9 years older than Julianne, which is not that big of an age difference..age is just a number anyway...they have such great chemistry....that can't be learned, taught or faked. They just have it.

I will be so disappointed if they don't win...it is going to be a tough call. Jennie is going home tonight, for sure!
Take care...

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Bradley's Mom said...

Wow! I really thought he was a lot older than that!

Well, either way, they have FABULOUS chemistry, that's for sure!!

I can't wait to see the finals!!

Take care! And Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you get to listen to Bradley's music!!




Oooops, Linda..I was wrong...Helio is 13 yrs older than Julianne...he was born in 1975....compared to all the Hollywood hook ups..and typical stereo types...a 13 year age difference isn't too bad..shoot, my first husband was 11 years older than me...yes, their chemistry is awesome...I am on the edge of my seat for tonights show.
You have a great Thanksgiving too....I am starting my baking tonight..but, I will definitely check out Bradleys music..can't wait.

Nap Warden said...

No way, do you think they are a couple? Their last dance was off the charts! She is to cute, and so is her brother...I love them both. I also love all the music Mel B. and Max dance to. Does he pick it, if so, I love Max's taste in music! Can't wait for tonight!!!


Nap...maybe I just want them to be...they are so cute together.....I like Max's taste in music, but I truthfully do not care for Mel B.