Wednesday, November 21, 2007 goes nothing!

100 things about moi.....

1.) I am 25 years old...HHuurruuummpppphhhh....OK...37! Geez....
2.) I was born in NC, moved to SC when I was almost two years old.
3.) I have 1 living brother, 1 deceased brother.
4.) My baby brother died when I was 8 years old, he was 18 months old.
5.) I am a Mom to four handsome wonderful boys, Tim, Justin, Aaron and Max.
6.) I am divorced twice and remarried for the third time to my soul mate.
7.) I never met my real dad; he died of a massive heart attack, 29 years old, while my Mom was three months pregnant with me; she remarried when I was two, My step dad was the only dad I ever, he was daddy to me.
8.) I am 1/4 Cherokee Indian. My paternal (biological dad's) Mom was full blooded Cherokee.
9.) I love wine. Rieslings, whites, some reds...occasional Pinot Grigio.
10.) I drive a Saturn's a stick shift.
11.) I learned to drive a stick when I was 16.
12.) 3 years ago, I was a size ZERO!
13.) Now...I am a size 4-6...depends, because clothing manufacturers are clueless when it comes to sizing clothes.
14.) Love and finally finding happiness made me gain weight...that...and wine.
15.) I feel I look healthier now....although, I would love to have some plastic surgery...I would totally have the works done if I had the money.
16.) My favorite foods are Lobster, nice fillet Mignon, pasta...probably another reason I am no longer a size
17.) I T.V...Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, etc..
18.) I met my current husband on
19.) I also love to watch Little People/Big World and Jon/Kate Plus 8...My husband makes fun of me for this.
20.) I have a serious case of road rage...I curse at people and drive too fast. They just need to get out of my way..then it would all be good..(do keep it at bay with my kids in the car though)
21.) I have very little patience...I have to work on that every day of my life.
22.) Coffee is my wake up call...I have to have it every and caffeine withdrawals~not pretty.
23.) Sleeping/reading is another favorite past time of mine; neither of which I get enough of.
24.) I love high heels, the higher the better...I can walk/dance/run in them if I have too...I wear them with everything....all of the time.
25.) I love to dress up sexy for my when he takes me out dancing/date nights.
26.) My husband takes me out twice a month for our date nights.
27.) I get a pedicure/manicure every two weeks...I am not high maintenance...I work every day, that is a luxury my husband insists I give myself.
28.) I drive too fast.
29.) I have only gotten one speeding ticket, to the tune of $150, in the past 20 years.
30.) I love old-school Rock-n-Roll.
31.) Although I do listen to hip-hop, current top ten, twenty..whatever...with my kids. I know what a shorty is...I can do the Solider boy...I am totally hip like that.
32.) I love to dance....I am pretty good at it....just not Dancing with the Stars good.
33.) I love Subway...I could eat it every day for lunch.
34.) I am not too happy with my job right just does not challenge me....
35.) I worked in Hospital management for eight years, at a 330 bed hospital...loved it, Miss it, wished I had that job back.
36.) I miss my two older boys something fierce...I hate they are growing up on me.
37.) My 2 older boys live with their dad...I still have court ordered physical custody, but when they both turned 13, they decided they wanted to live with their broke my heart!
38.) My 2nd ex-husband was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life...he was mentally, verbally and physically abusive to me....and also a drug addict. He was arrested for that abuse finally..that was the demise of our marriage.
39.) My first ex-husband was 11 years older than me, he was a good guy, I loved him, but there were too many differences between us.
40.) I married for the first time at 19~he moved me from SC to Indiana 2 days after we were married.
41.) I don't care for sports~at least, watching them on t.v...I can only tolerate going to a football game if it is one where my boys are playing.
42.) I only went to my junior prom-I went with a guy named Brian, he was a twin-skinny, red hair-it sucked! I looked like a typical southern dress was long and a had a crinoline underneath it...I wore long white gloves.
43.) Because of my last divorce, I was forced to file bankruptcy....thanks to his numerous credit cards he maxed out, without my knowledge...I am just now getting my credit score back up.
44.) I drove with my hubby to Pensacola Beach, in June of this year, over 1 weekend...left on Friday, came back on Sunday...16 hour drive one way...that was a really stupid idea.
45.) States I have visited: NC, SC, TN, KY, GA, IL, Fl
46.) I love chocolate..any's all good.
47.) I secretly love to watch Family Guy...Peter cracks me up!
48.) I love movies, I rent a lot, but I don't watch half of what I rent...always have late fees.
49.) I don't have a best friend, aside from my husband...What is wrong with me? I just can not make close girl-friends.
50.) Before I met hubby, I did have a best friend-Carol-we were best friends for eleven years-then I moved two hours away, we have lost touch. I miss her.
51.) I have been told my best feature is my legs..and I have a pretty face. I disagree...but aren't all women, at least the majority, unhappy with their appearance?
52.) I was a blond for 13 years...just now went back to my natural color~brunette.
I hate it! I liked being blond better.
53.) As a blond-everyone I met told me I looked like Marilyn Monroe...strangers would even tell me that.
54.) I can't wear pierced earrings...when my 14 year old was a baby, I was wearing hoop earrings, he was playing with them, he pulled on one, ripped it right through my ear lobe...I never got it fixed, because it was considered cosmetic surgery, at the time my husbands insurance would not cover it...I have very small ears anyway, so my right lobe has a small tear in it..can't get an earring in.
55.) I don't have any tattoos...I would like a small one, some where in a discreet place..hubby would kill me if I got one, so I don't have one.
56.) I love to shop, for clothes, house, etc...just hate food shopping.
57.) I love to read...I am a voracious reader..fiction, mystery, all kinds...I used to read around 2 books a week, now I am lucky to read one a month.
58.) I only get to see my Mom and brother twice a year, If I am lucky.
59.) I hate beer.
60.) I love Martini's-lemon drop, green apple, cosmos, etc..
61.) I need to lose 15-20 least I think I do...I hate dieting.
62.) I went to church all the time growing up-I don't go now.
63.) I was born a southern baptist....yet my granny took me to a Pentecostal church throughout my childhood....
64.) I don't have a cell phone...I know I need to get with the program...get one...just have not.
65.) I get my feelings hurt very easily.
66.) I cry at the drop of a hat...I hate that about myself...I blame my last ex for making me so sensitive...he was a real jerk!
67.) My favorite t.v. sitcom is Every Body loves reminds me of my family and my husbands mom and dad.
68.) Halloween is my favorite holiday.
69.) I used to love Christmas, but with each kid, the money that is expected to be spent..all the commercialization of it, I just abhor it now...I would be happy to skip it entirely.
70.) My birthday is September 7th.
71.) I am a Virgo.
72.) I am a moody person....downright mean, my husband says, if I don't get enough sleep...I have to have at least six hours to function properly...Most nights a I can get that...but sometimes, insomnia kicks in, I may get three...then watch out.
73.) I would love to own my own nightclub...for people my age....classy, elegant, dress to impress, which woud mean everyone must dress up, with a cover band every would be awesome.
74.) I learned to read when I was five.
75.) Before I die I want to travel...I want to visit Scotland, Ireland, England, Italy, France and Greece.
76.) I am very fair skinned-it takes me a long time to get a tan-I burn easily.
77.) I have blue eyes.
78.) I am very obsessive compulsive when it comes to the neatness/cleanliness of my house.
79.) I have to vacuum my house every single night before I go to bed.
80.) I am afraid of dying...I try not to think about it.
81.) I am more afraid of one of my kids dying before me.
82.) I took piano lessons as a teen-ager...can't play crap now.
83.) I lost my virginity when I was 15...not by choice.
84.) I am not a very good swimmer...I also don't like to get my hair wet-so I don't go swimming very often.
85.) I am a very girly-girl...I love make-up and getting my hair done. I won't leave the house without both being perfect.
86.) I buy myself something new each week-just a little something-the kids too!
87.) I miss my Mom a lot...we were not very close when I was a teenager..I have regrets over that-I cry over that every week it seems.
88.) I wish my husband was more romantic...he does take me out, don't get me wrong....but I don't get flowers, cards, none of those types of things...just wished he would once in a while.
89.) I love giving cards...I keep some on hand for just about every occasion..I could spend a lot of money on that hobby.
90.) I write poetry...not so much anymore, but when I was in my abusive marriage..I filled several journals full of poetry I husband says it is good enough to be published...but I never will, they are too personal.
91.) I wish I had more girl friends...some girlfriends...even one would do.
92.) I am extremely critical of myself...I try to please everyone but myself.
93.) I sleep on the left side of the bed, three pillows behind my head, one between my knees...I don't like to be cuddled while I sleep...I need my space.
94.) I hit the snooze button at least 3 times before I get up in the morning..a bad habit I need to break...since I often run 5-10 minutes late for work most mornings...I can't help it..I am just not a morning person.
95.) I had an affair on my last husband...the abusive one...I don't justify what I was wrong, but so was his abuse...I just needed someone, to help me handle the abuse I was dealing with...
96.) I tried smoking once...for 2 weeks...that was 10 years ago....I decided I didn't like it, threw out the entire pack of cigarettes and I have never picked them up again...just wasn't for me. I am glad I did that.
97.) I have only broken my toe-no other bones.
98.) I have been in the hospital five times in my life, for the birth of each of my children, for 1 car accident when I was 17...almost killed me..the car accident that is.
99.) I pre-fer diet coke.
100.) I love my boys more than my life, I would give my life for them.....

Well....there you have it...100 boring, inane things about me....If you read them all, then I am amazed.....

That was tougher than I thought it would be....but I guess I am not as mundane and boring as I thought....



Nap Warden said...

I don't think I could come up with 100 things about me...Good job!


Thanks, Nap....I didn't think I could either...I just sat down over the last couple days, wrote them down as they came too was a little easier that way.

Motor City Monk said...

Nicely done!

I also hate beer and like lemon drops, etc - anything sweet but prefer a premium vodka on the rocks, sometimes mixed with sugarfree redbull in moderation.

I blame my kids for my current hip-hop addiction. Can't get enough Kanye West, Akon, T-Pain, etc.

I enjoy dancing, especially if the music is loud, danceable and I've been drinking.

I've only been married once and although I often lust after beautiful women I see, I've yet to have an affair...


Monk..sounds like we do have a lot in common..except for the affair thing...I am not proud of that...but, at the kept me from having a nervous breakdown...he never found out, we divorced over his drug use and, no harm done I guess...

Motor City Monk said...

It sounds like it was the right thing to do at the time, especially if it kept you from having a nervous breakdown. Seems like you're in a much better place now.


Very much so..thanks Monk!
Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

Motor City Monk said...

Thanks, you too!

Suze - Manchester UK said...

Great list - I agree with loads on that list!
Making girlfriends post 30 is harder - but hey, if you ever make it to the UK, I'd be happy to meet up and do something girly!
Suze x

Daddy Forever said...

My parents had an automatic so I never learned to drive a stick. I still can't drive a stick today.

I have to have coffee too. It use to be soda every morning, but it's coffee now.

I still don't understand how people can wear high heels and not fall down.

Glad you're not married to your second husband anymore. He sounds scary.

I agree. Halloween is the best!

I'm afraid of dying too and I also hate thinking about it. Too sad.