Monday, December 3, 2007

Tips for taking the little one to see the jolly man....

Tips for better photos with Santa Claus

Greg Greenberg has seen the looks on children's faces as they prepare to have their picture taken with Santa Claus. "Santa looks good from about 20 feet away to a child, but when they get closer, it can be intimidating for them," says Greenberg, the owner of Instant Memories, a special- events photography company at Greenwood Park Mall, where Santa spends part of the Christmas season.
Greenberg and Leroy Driscoll, the Santa at Southern Plaza Shopping Center, offer these tips to increase the odds of a great photo with Santa:
• Don't dress them in the same color as Santa. If the kids are all dressed in red like Santa, the picture won't offer any contrast.
• Visit Santa during the slow times, especially if your children are known to be fussy. Mondays and Tuesdays are definitely the slowest days. Early in the morning is a good time, too.
• If it's your child's first visit to Santa, stay by his or her side until the child feels comfortable with Santa. A good Santa will let the child touch the fur of his suit to become relaxed.
• In case the lines are long, bring something that will keep your child occupied. A favorite book, a hand-held video game or a Walkman usually work.
• Bring a stroller for a baby or a small child so the child isn't standing or being held for a long time.
• Stay relaxed. Tell your child there's nothing to be afraid of. But never force a child to be with Santa. You can always return at a later time.


Daddy Forever said...

My kids like looking at Santa at the mall, but they don't want to sit on his lap or have their pictures taken with him.


Daddy-O, my kids love Santa...we have already "emailed" him, and he asks me every day when he is going to get to go "visit", I will soon be joing the tons of other parents, with their screaming children, waiting in line at the mall...yeah, me~