Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol....Season 7....Now There Are 20....

Well, I totally called it for the girls and completely missed it with the guys.

Voted off last night:

Joanne Borgella...I totally had her picked to go home yesterday and I was right...America, you voted well!

Amy Davis....obviously you can't make it on looks alone. That's can always be a model...or something.

That still leaves my two fellow hoosiers in the competition.

The two guys to go home...

Garrett Haley....boy, was Simon abrupt with letting him go...called him up, chatted him up, then dropped the bomb, you are going home dude.

Colton, was I shocked with this one. I thought for sure they would send Chickezee home...but, he will be back next impress us with his bad taste in clothing....

So, that is it...the first round of eliminations.

What did you think? Did you think the right people were voted off?

Also, what did you think about Paulas new video? I wished I could link it, but since I am blogging this from work, I can't access You Tube...maybe I will do it later from home.
I thought it was pretty good. to see Randy on guitar in the video...and for an older chick, trying to make a comeback, Paula looked pretty damn good.
Rock on, Paula!



Linka72 said...

Dang it Joanne Borgella!!!
I had high hopes for her because people say we look alike..and I'm vain like that. ha!
Oh well, she should have sung the song better..buh bye Joanne.

Kim said...

I am surprised Colton was sent home. I am glad the other guy was.

For the girls...that Kristy Lee Cook (I think that is her name) did some weird eye things when she sang. It was creepy. lol

I LOVED what Simon said about Paula after watching her video. That she was all of the colors in the rainbow. lol

Nap Warden said...

Paula scares me...I am rootin' for the cutie patootie and the tiny Asian girl.

Senora Patron said...

happy to report that, although i missed their performances, i was 100% accurate on their departures. how so? i caught the snippets on outcast night. based on those snippets - easy.


Linka..yeah, I agree..I thought she was going to be another Jennifer Hudson for sure...such a disappointment.

Kim..yeah, I was surprised with Colton too. I thought for sure Chikeezie was going home. What did you think about Paulas video?

Nap...yeah, Paula is a little wierd..but, I really did like her comeback single..I even downloaded it onto my IPOD...I am rooting for Amanda Overmeyer and the Rocker dude, with the bandana....but, I am sure to change my vote, I do that often.

Senora...way to go. I will have to check that out.