Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol...Season 7...Top 12 girls....


Night before last...we viewed the top 12 boys....last night, the girls took the stage and they totally kicked it up a few notches, compared to the guys.

Who was your favorite from last night? Do you think they did better than the guys?

Let me recap it for you.....

First up...Kristy Lee Cook....singing "Rescue Me"....

I thought it was a good start, but apparently, Kristy was sick, which according to the judges, affected her performance. The only problem I had with Kristy, was the wierd eye movements she had going on. I thought she was beautiful and I don't think she sounded too bad. She will be around for awhile...hopefully, by next week, she will be feeling better and we can truly hear her shine.

Randys comments: "Wow! That was awesome, totally hot! A little rough around the edges, there were some pitch wasn't your best performance, but you look great!"
Paula's comments: "For one thing, you are sick and you are the first one to perform for the night. That in itself is a double whammy! It's ok to shine during your performance, but you did a good job."
Simons comments: "The song didn't suit you. The performance was too robotic. I didn't get a lot out of that...there was nothing to grab hold of."

I still give her four stars out of five.

Second up....Joanne Borgella...singing "Say A Little Prayer"...

I guess I was expecting someone of Jennifer Hudsons capabilities...but Joanne did not impress me. Her voice was too shaky, kind of all over the place.

Randys comments: " The beginning wasn't too good, but you got it together towards the end."
Paulas comments: "You've got to pull it together and shine through, but it was okay."
Simons comments: "I didn't like it at all. It was a cabaret version of a cabaret song. You didn't show any confidence and there was nothing in the vocals that would warrant a recording contract."

Now, Simon, she wasn't that bad...I think she was just nervous and if she gets past that, develops more confidence, she will do much better. I give her two stars out of five.

Third...Alaina Whitaker....singing "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday"...

Wow...she is absolutly gorgeous...and through out her performance, I saw similarities to Carrie Underwood. I also thought it was the best performance out of the first three.

Randys commments: "This is the year of the young contestants. The beginning was a little rough, but you sang it with conviction."
Paulas comments: "The ending was the best. You totally nailed it."
Simons comments: "You did very good. I hated the song. It was corny. But it was the first time tonight that we didn't see any nervousness. You are sailing through to the next round."

I have to agree with the judges. She is going to be around for awhile, because she is definitely the total package. I give her five stars out of five, and without a doubt she is my top pick of the night.

Fourth...Amanda Overmeyer....singing "Baby Please Don't Go"...girl can totally rock out, that's for sure!

I am a huge fan of Amanda's, because I think she has great potential as a rocker. I just wasn't too thrilled with her performance last night.

Randys comments: "You had a bluesy, rocker, scatting thing going on and I liked it. I like the trousers too."
Paulas comments: "I love everything that you do. You are authentic, the real deal."
Simons comments: "I really like you. You stand out. You came out and proved to me what a great singer you are. It was not the best performance, did you forget the words half way through?"

Acutally, Amanda did not forget the was the song, which included several rounds of scatting throughout. I gave her four stars out of five..up your game girl.
She is my second choice of the night for the top 3.

Fifth...Amy Davis...singing "Where The Boys Are".... far as Amy goes..the girl looks great...but she is no Patsy Cline. She was very nervous and it showed. She had some pitchy areas and to me, she sounded a little nasally. Maybe she had a cold too.

Randys comments: "There were a lot of pitch problems and at the end, you have to hit that note. It wasn't great."
Paulas comments: "Well, the camera loves you. I feel your nerves got the best of you and it was a little lackluster."
Simons comments: "You look great, but you don't sound great. It was a boring song, very cabaret and dull. Not you at all."

I think Amy will end up in the bottom two. I give her two stars out of five.

Sixth...Brooke White...singing "So Happy Together"...

I thought Brooke had great vocals...I think she is very a Sheryl Crow kind of way.

Randys comments: "It started out a little rough, but you got it back in the second half."
Paulas comments: "This competition is about originality and you have your own. You picked the right song, great job."
Simons comments: "You picked the right song, it was definitely you. Just not my cup of tea. I felt like I was watching a "washing up" commercial."

I guess Simon just doesn't like her "pureness"...his reference to a washing up commercial pertains to UK commercials for dishwashing liquid....Ha!

Seventh....Alexandrea' Lushington....singing "Spinning Wheel"....

Girl has got some pipes...she did an awesome job. Definitely in the top 3 for me.
The song choice reminded me of Bo Bice....very eightys/ninetys.....but she definitely got four stars out of five from me.

Randys comments: " You blew the doors off. It was dope, with all the wierd chords. You've got it. It was hot."
Paulas comments: " You took control, from top to bottom. What a dope outfit. You have shown more confidence than anyone, with your entrance."
Simons comments: "I didn't get it. The vocals weren't great. It reminded me of an awful 60's musical. You look good, I'm just not with you on the vocals."

Regardless of what Simon said, she is going to be a force to be reckoned with in this competition.

Eighth....Kady Malloy...singing "Groovy Kind of Love"....

I thought Katie has an amazing sound. The vocals, to me, were great...she is beautiful, the guys of course are digging that. Plus, she does great impressions of other Brittany Spears for instance.

Randys comments:"It was ok. You seemed a little restrained and controlled to me. You lost your concentration."
Paulas comments:" You look very pretty. I want to see more of your personality."
Simons comments: "That was like the night of the living dead. Instead of eighteen, you sounded eighty. Like a pencil was impersonating you. We want to see more of you...lighten up a little bit. Just be you."

I give Katie four stars out of five....I think she can turn it around, show more of her true colors.

Ninth...Asiah Epperson....singing "Take A Little Piece of My Heart"....

I thought it was an okay performance..kind of fun....she still has some things to work on, if she sticks around.

Randys comments: "I loved it. I loved that you brought your thing to it. I was impressed."
Paulas comments: "You had fun up there. You had some moments."
Simons comments: "You are my favorite of the night. It was fun, likeable."

But, is she likeable enough? I say she is going the bottom two. I give her three stars out of five.

Tenth...Ramielle Malubay...singing "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"...

This tiny little girl has an amazing voice....a force to be reckoned with...she is adorable...and I place her in my top three.

Randys comments: "I loved that you took your time, started slow. Built it up at the end. Very classy, that was hot."
Paulas comments: "You are a force to be reckoned with. You have such a beautiful range to your voice. Right on."
Simons comments: "Tonight, you out sang every person. At first, I didn't like you, but you have soared since coming to Hollywood."

Girl is going places and I gave her five out of five stars.

Eleventh...Syesha Mercado...singing "Tobacco Road"...and it was good, very good.

Man, does she have a great big voice when she sings. It totally surprised me, since I didn't remember her too well from auditions.

Randys comments: "It was a little pitchy, but you can definitely sing. I liked it."
Paulas comments: "It was consistent, joyful, fun...Way to Go."
Simons comments: "Not your best, but it doesn't matter. You are the most talented girl in this competition."

I don't agree with Simon, but she has potential. I give her four out of five stars.

Twelveth....Carly Smithson...singing "Shadow Of Your Smile"...

I don't know what it is about this chick..but, I just don't like her. I don't know why she ever got a recording contract, she is just average at best.

Randys comments: " That is what this show is all about. That was the best vocal of the top 24, blazing hot."
Paulas comments: "You're reliable, like a lucky coin in the pocket. Very tender, beautiful..infectious."
Simons comments: "I didn't get it. There is so much hype about you. The song was old fashioned. It was a let down for me. It wasn't fantastic."

I totally have to agree with Simon. Girl is not all that. I give her three stars out of five.

So, there you have it. The top 12 girls and their first night of competition.
My top three picks, as noted above are...

Alaina Whitaker
Amanda Overmeyer
And it sways between Alexandria Lushington and Ramielle Malubay for third.

Going home...

Amy Davis
Joanne Borgella

I am not 100% on who is going home...because none of them were really really bad.
The girls are giving up some tough competition here.

So what are your thoughts on the girls? Who did you like and who did you hate?

Tune in tonight to see the results show.



Motor City Monk said...

I also thought Kady Malloy sounded great plus she's smokin' hot.

I really love Alexandria Lushington - she's at the top of the pack, for sure.

Finally, little Ramielle Malubay blew me away. She'll be around for quite a while.

Toni said...

I thought the girls were far and above better than the boys (which I watched on DVR). As for a favorite? I liked the rocker chick a lot.

new diva on the blog said...

Good-bye Amy Davis. Granted I only saw the recaps last night, but I thought she was the pits.

I am also, completely with you on Carly Smithson...just not my cup o' tea.

janet said...

i'm pretty much right with you on these choices...

we'll see tonite.....

kari said...

Hi there! I really enjoy your blog.

I am a big American Idol fan...I have to say that I think the boys kicked the girls' butts this week. I really want to like so many of the girls, they are pretty, have nice voices, etc. But, I felt like they weren't as good as the guys. Maybe it was nerves, or some of them being sick, I don't know. My faves are Robbie Carrico and Michael John. I thought they rocked!

Thanks for the info about 'Twilight' in your previous post. I'm so excited to read it, it's sitting in my book stack, next in line to be read.

The Egel Nest said...

You handicapped this properly...the right people went home I think...both boys and girls...

Great recap as always :)

The girls are FAR better than the guys I think!

The Egel Nest


Monk...all three of those girls are hot and can really sing. I look forward to seeing what they can do in future episodes.

Toni...yes, I have to agree. Amanda is in my top three...cause shes cool and she lives 10 minutes from me.

Diva..did we call it or what?

Janet...what did you think? We called it on the girls, but I was surprised with the guys.

Kari...really? You thought the boys were better? Maybe it was kind of even, half and half. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope to check yours out soon. As far as Twilight is a really good book, I am about a third of the way through and I am anxious to finish and start the second one.

Bradley..thanks, hon. I have fun doing it. Yes, I think America voted properly and the right ones did go home. The guys surprised me, but I totally called it on the girls.