Friday, February 15, 2008

T.G.I.F.....WHOO HOOO!!!!!!

tgif wheeeeee

Wow...I must be totally sucking with my post lately...or it' just all of you guys are sucking with your lack of posting, I am so glad that it is Friday. It has been a long hard week. I am ready for some rest and relaxation.

Hubby and I are heading back down to Nashville this weekend...we couldn't get enough of our walk on the wild side I we are going to party in Flat and her Mr. Wonderful call it.

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope to do a little blog hopping I will hopefully see some of you around in the blog o sphere..

Hey, all you that come by here looking for Dancing with the Stars info..don't just drop in and run....stay awhile..I have a lot more stuff to talk about than just Dancing With the least leave me a comment, M'Kay?



The Egel Nest said...

It isn't you's us...we have been sucking on commenting...has it been a really busy week or is it me? :)

I have a new feature I am starting over at the nest, please come check it out!

The Egel Nest


Hey, Bradley..whew! I am glad to know that...I was just sitting here, racking my brain, thinking of how I could write better, what I could do to draw more readers....I thought about going to the book see if they had a "Blogging for Dummys" know, to help me up my game..I am sure they have one, they do for everything else.
I will be right over.

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

oh it has been a super busy week - for me anyway! ;-) i have been sucking on visitng blogs today & commenting BACK to people who commnted on mine (bad me) and i too wonder sometimes ..... is it me? why is no one commenting? do i suck? dzam!


thanks for coming by! i will be back by as well- REALLY!


a-licious xoxoxox

oh and THANKS for the compliment on my little dude....he is my world and then some.... ;-)

janet said...

girlfriend, i've been here TWICE today. sheesh. i'm doing my part for the cause...


Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Dixie:

Speaking of DWTS! I just heard it will be starting again on March 17th.........woohoo!!!

Have a nice weekend!!


Rachel said...

Hey sweets! Here I am, over here to say howdy. TGIF to you, too! I hope it's the start of a fantastic weekend for you!!
OMG~~ you have feedburner! I'm going to burn you right now! Atta girl!

Sarabeth said...

Leaving a comment as asked.

Blog Hopping--HP

BuzzeeDad said...

Ok, I don't do Dancing with the Stars, but I'm down to talk about whatever. Hit me!

i beati said...

unproductive but productive week so to speak, movies good ones Definitely Maybe - 27 dresses, me and you forever love the romance Mel - also some sun bathing perfect time of the year in Florida- not as much cleaning -0 avaid work at all times hahahah

i beati said...

I mean Dixie why did I call you Mel just reading him !!Duh !!!

Toni said...

Hope you had a "wildly" good time in Nashville again, Dixie!

Jenn said...

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend! I'm bloghopping around as well!

Honeybell said...

DrunkenHoney is not so Drunken as she is on call for work. Laboring moms get so uptight when their nurse shows up even slightly inebriated. I just can't understand it.

Anyway . . . hope your weekend is great!


Fantastagirl said...

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

Mommy Bits said...

This week was insane... Sorry to be so late to the party!

Blog Hopper Anastasia Beaverhousin!

April said...

This is my first visit (just joined the BlogHoppers), but I hope to be back and comment often!

BalancingHops - BlogHoppin'

Whitenoise said...

Yeah, sorry, just been busy with family and work... you know how it is. ;-)

Nap Warden said...

Dixie, I came here to see what you thought of the DWS new cast! I'll be back:)

Daddy Forever said...

Hope you had fun on the wild side again, you naughty girl!


Licious-thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I tend to get a little paranoid if I don't get many comments. I am a comment to hear what other bloggers have to say. Yes, Your little man is a sweetie. I miss mine being that age.

Janet...I know I can always count on you. I was talking about all the other hits I get..primarily for Dancing With The Stars...they just stop and comments.

Linda...I know. I am excited too...I just don't know if the cast this season can compete with last seasons...we shall see. asked, I gave....feedburner that is. LOL...funny thing is, I signed up, no clue how it works!

Sarabeth..thanks for stopping by. Dancing With the Stars? Climb out from under your rock, hon..and join us women on the wild

I Beati...did you see 27 dresses? How was it?

Toni..yes, my time in Nashville was once again pretty wild.

Jen..thanks for stopping by. I will hop over to your place really soon.

Honeybell..Hey, I understand that. Hope your weekend was great! was great, just too short!

Mommybits..that's ok. I can relate. Every day of my life is insane.

April, thanks for stopping by, please do come by again and again and again.

White...totally. Life for me often passes by in a blur..I wake up every morning having to ask myself what day it is.

Nap....what are your thoughts?

Daddy Forever....yes, I was a naughty girl was fun, but I am ready to take a break for a going back to Nashville until at least spring.