Monday, February 25, 2008

Where was I????

Oh, yeah...didn't do any blog hopping Friday I said, I was too busy playing around with my new toys....Saturday, the roads were cleared off enough, that I was able to pick Justin up around the kids some lunch, did some shopping and later that afternoon...I took the kids to the movies...

We went and seen this...

I will sum it up for you in one word...STUPID!!!!! Seriously, ya' your was ridiculous! I must say, his first one was funnier....Health Inspector...this one was not worth the money spent for the ticket...and if you bought popcorn and a drink, then that was probably better than the movie your money, rent it when it comes out on DVD....the kids liked it though..because it had that crude humor that boys love...poop talk, lighting farts...gross humor in general..the kind Larry the Cable guy is so well known for. I get enough of that at home, with the hubby and the boys...I don't need to pay to see it.
I wanted to see Fool's Gold, but I know that was probably too much for the younger boys...after the movies, I got the boys Fazoli's and we went home.

Yes, I was good...I stuck to my Nutri-System plan all weekend. I know some of you are probably wondering how the food is...some of it isn't too bad....overall, it is diet can actually taste the "diet" in it when you eat it. The positive side is, my colon is going totally happy with me..I have never had so much fresh fruit and vegetables as I have consumed over the past three and a half days. I love salads...always have...but I love salads with bacon bits, meat, cheese, croutons...and ranch dressing, fattening ranch dressing....but, on this diet, I can't have that...lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and occasionally one ounce of grilled chicken on the top of it, with fat free salad dressing, no more than 2 tablespoons....and with that...I am honestly saladed out!
But, I am determined....I am going to stick to hasn't been easy...for instance...the no popcorn at the theaters just about killed me...but, I was impressed with my will power....I didn't cave...not even one kernel of that buttery, movie theater goodness entered my mouth...
Once we got home...I sat and ate my "salad" and Nutri system entree' while my kids feasted on bread sticks and chicken parmesan....I endured....Yay me!

Oh....and when the kids I went to the movie, hubby stayed home....and slept...since he has worked for the past 12 days straight....and had to work Saturday, it was just the kids and, what I am fixing to show the sick sense of humor that is my husbands....having nothing but guys in the house....bodily parts, bodily functions are always a joke...sometimes, I feel his sense of humor is a little crude for the younger boys....but, his maturity level can sometimes range at the level of a prebuscent is what I walked in and found on my kitchen bar counter...with the boys...right behind me...I was annoyed with him at first..but we couldn't help but laugh.....brace yourself...

Funny, isn't he?
Um...yeah...the kids thought it was hilarious...

Sunday....pretty much was spent laying around the house. I did cook a big breakfast for everyone....everyone but me, that is. I wasn't feeling very, nothing got accomplished. Hubby took Justin to meet his Dad...I stayed in my pajamas all day long.
I was pretty much wiped out...between work, and running all the time...I am exhausted.
This upcoming weekend, hubby wanted to go out of town, to Nashville again..but, I put my foot down. I am tired, I just want to get through this week and spend the weekend resting.

Later, yall!


ajooja said...

You puposely went to see a Larry the Cableguy movie? :D

I need to get back on my diet, but I was running late today and ate Hardee's and Burger King, so far. Dinner will probably just be a warm can of Crisco.

Dixie said...

Congrats on the will power!!

Once you get used to it, you won't think twice about what you are missing.

I seriously need to get myself back on track.

And the teddy bear with balls? Looks like something I would do.

Slick said...

They workin' that man hard but it's good to see he ain't lost an ounce of his sense of humor! ;)

The CableGuy ain't on my list of fave actors really...the movie was worse than having to endure not eating the Fazoli's, I bet.

By the way...i LOVE Fazolis.

Daphne said...

I had intentions of starting a new diet on Sunday, until my hubby pissed me off and I decided maybe my ass needs to get fat.
But I'll eventually get on a diet ... one day ... maybe.

Daddy Forever said...

I think it's funny, but my wife would kill me if I did that.

Toni said...

I couldn't see it at first. My mind doesn't just go there, I guess.

Good for you for being such a good girl on your diet. Hope you're feeling better!

i beati said...

ha ha you are doing good keep going proud of you - did you see Michael Clayton or 27 dresses both to my tastes

Big Pissy said...

Good for you with your will power! :)

I saw the movie 'Definitely, Maybe' while I was in Atlanta.

It was....not bad.

wait for the dvd, though. ;-)

DIXIECHICK said... kids love him...I personally, didn't care to go. But, whatever my kids know?
Ha! Crisco..dude, you are too funny! are so right on that. Controlling my cravings has not been nearly hard as I thought...except for the no alcohol thing....Mama misses her wine. Glad to know my hubby is not the only one with that kind of sense of humor..ha!, sometimes his sense of humor borders on the insane...but, I loves him anyway! Yeah, watching the movie was pretty much a terrible realization that it was an hour and a half of my life I will never get back and watching them eat Fazoli's was hard...I love it too!

Daphne...don't let him bring you down. You are beautiful.

Daddio...yeah...I was upset at first..but the boys thought it was hilarious...note the cucumber?

Toni..yeah, the picture was kind of blurry...he has a sick mind.

I hon, I haven't seen either of those...not something my three boys would have liked to have seen. Guess I will have to wait until they come out on DVD.

Big Pissy...thanks. You are my inspiration, with the weight loss thing. Now, I just need to figure out how to find the time to get myself in the gym. I will look for your movie on DVD in a couple of months.