Thursday, March 6, 2008


Last week..the seventies proved to be quite challenging for the ladies....did they do any better last night, with songs from the eighties?

Let's recap and see.....

First up...Asia'h Epperson...singing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"....

First of all, she sang Whitney...that's like trying to sing Celine Dion...unless you have a very powerful voice, don't try it. I think the song was way over her head...
I gave her three out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~That was a tall order, but that is the reason you are here. That was hot.
Paula~That was a big song, but you nailed it.
Simon~That was second rate Whitney. You didn't hit the big note at the end. Although, it was good enough to be in the Top 12.

Second...Kady Malloy...singing "Who Wants To Live Forever"...

Wow...girl continues to pick bad songs. She is not showing her true bubbly personality. She is too reserved in her song choices. I don't know if she is going to stay around for much longer. I give her three out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~Interesting song choice. You hit the big notes really well. Pretty good.
Paula~This is your best performance to date. I like the tenderness and softness in your voice.
Simon~It was robotic. Not as good as last week. You are gloomy, you need to bring the fun side of your personality out in your song choices. You may be in trouble.

I agree with Simon. I think Kady will be going home tonight.

Third to sing...Amanda Overmeyer...singing "Hate Myself For Loving You"...

Girl is back!! What an awesome come back last night. I was really concerned after last weeks dreadful performance/look, but Amanda chose the perfect song, that best suits her personality. She rocked out! I gave her five out of five stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~That's the Amanda we love. That is the kind of song you should be singing. Well done.
Paula~I like your hair, your face is beautiful. That was the right song for you. You have found your niche.
Simon~That was fantastic. You nailed it. It was my favorite girl performance thus far.

I am positive Amanda secured her spot in the top 12. Rock on Amanda!

Fourth to sing...Carly Smithson...singing "I Drove All Night"...

There is no secret that I do not care for Carly...I don't know what it is, but I think the biggest thing that turned me off from here, was finding out about her previous recording contract. Why must we continue to endure this want to be? Last night, regardless of what the judges thought,whose praises for her are always over the top, Dixies thoughts are all that matters people. It was mediocre at best. I give her three out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~Very good. Another great performance. You keep smashing it every week.
Paula~There aren't enough adjectives to describe your performance. You are like a dependable dog. (Way to go just called her a dog...ha!). You have found your niche. (Which is what Paula is telling everyone. I think she was drunk again.)
Simon~That was not the right song for you. You are a million times better than that song. I didn't like it.

Amen, well said, Simon.

Fifth to perform...Kristy Lee Cook...singing "Faithfully"...

After, Carly...Kristy's performance restored my faith in Idol... a little bit. I think she put a country spin to this Journey song. I liked it. I gave her four out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~(Of course, Randy had to point out agan...that he once worked with Journey..whoop de doo...Randy, we honestly couldn't give a rat's ass)...but he is pleased she sang Journey. He tells her it was great and could be a big country hit.
Paula~(Who has to agree with everything Randy says, when she can talk straight) said...You look great tonight. That could be a big country hit.
Simon~It is good there was a country influence in it, but I still think you are forgettable. At best, you will come in tenth in this competition.

She really needs to find a great song, hopefully there is a country night, and she can really show her true colors.

Sixth to sing...Ramiele Malubay...singing "Against All Odds"...

I wasn't too impressed with her look this week...vocals were better than last week...but she needs to leave the Phil Collins songs to her buddy Danny (Danielle)...
I gave her four out of five stars....

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~That was a big song, with big vocals. It was pretty good. But you need to find your confidence. It looked like you were thinking about it too much. You have mad vocals, so come on with it.
Paula~once again, said You have a beautiful face and a pure voice. (She is on auto-pilot this week, that is for sure); You deserve to be in the top 12.
Simon~It was nice, because you are are cute. But, it was old-fashioned. Too predictable. I am not jumping up out of my chair over it.

Seventh to sing...Brooke White...singing "Love Is A Battlefield"...

I like Brooke...I don't know what is about her...but she has been consistent, week after week...she will be in the top 12..of that I have no doubt. I gave her four out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~I really liked it. It was interesting.
Paula~(of course is lost)I liked the pureness of it. It was a wise choice.
Simon~For two weeks running, it was a great performance. It worked, even without the band.

Final performer of the night...Syesha Mercado...singing "Saving All My Love For You"

Why, oh why did she attempt to sing Whitney? She could not carry the notes last night. Started out all over the place, but pulled it together at the end. I gave her two out of five stars. She didn't do it for me.

Here is what the judges thought:
(They must have been short on time, thanks to Paula and her nonsensical rambling, so they were straight and to the point)

Randy~It was good.
Simon~Predictable, but good.

So, whose going home tonight?

My predicitons:
Guys...Luke Menard and Danny Noriega
Girls...Kady Malloy and I am not sure about the second girl. Maybe Asia'h Epperson.

Tune into tonight and find out.



Motor City Monk said...

Kady & Kristy...Buh-bye.

janet said...

there is something about amanda that bugs bugs bugs me. i know i know. i'm in the minority here, but i thought she should have gone home last week.

we'll see...

DIXIECHICK said... got one right. I hated to see her go, but she just wasn't cutting it.

Janet...hey, I like Amanda...she did so much better this week. I just wished she would get rid of the streak in her hair. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I can't stand that.