Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Last night was eighties night on idol...I thought for sure the guys would tear it up. Overall, I was a little disappointed. Only two really stood out for me. On another note, what the hell was wrong with Paula last night? Was she off her meds again?
Chick was all over the place with her comments and the way she talked. Did anyone else notice that, or was it just me?

Let's recap....

First up...Luke Menard...singing "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"....should have been wake me up after it's over..over...because dude was terrible. Just terrible...

When he started this competition...I thought Wow, he is cute...and I had such high hopes for him....but those hopes have been dashed....dude is going home tonight.
I gave him two stars for his performance.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~You started out was corny, but alright.
Paula~In a rambling way, said she liked it, liked his interpretation, but was surprised he picked that song.
Simon~It was weak, girly. I didn't like it. There is no way you are going to make it to the Top 12.

I am afraid Simon was dead on with this one.

Second..David Archuletta...singing "Another Day In Paradise"...

Wow..just wow...this kid, regardless of the flack the has been getting, has a truly amazing gift. His performance, his voice, his look...everything is top notch with this kid. I could totally see him winning this competition. For last nights performance, I give him five out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~It was like watching a concert, dude. Interesting song choice, there were some pitch problems here and there, but it was nice.
Paula~rambling more...There were some pitch problems, off on a couple notes, but you have proved to me that you are real. You shined.
Simon~It was not as good as last week. You are getting gloomy, Lighten up a little. Show more of your fun side. There is no doubt that you will be in the final two.

This kid is definitely going all the way.

Third...Danny (or is it Danielle?) Noriega....singing "Tainted Love"...

How much more feminine could this guy be? I thought he was just as bad as Luke Menard....dude is so going home. He is definitely in my top 2 choices to go home tomorrow. Dude gets only one star from me.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~It started out rough. I liked the arrangement at the end.
Paula~You are a bright light in this competition. You are sensitive, spicy. You have great vocals. (Yeah, Paula...whatever)
Simon~It was horrible. Useless. I hated the entire performance, the arrangement and the vocals.

Pack your bags...Danny...the plane is fueled and ready to take you home.

Fourth...David Hernandez...singing "It's All Coming Back To Me Now"...

I don't care if he is a gay rumors have it....I thought he did a fab job. He messed up the ending a little..but overall, I give him four out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~Nice song choice for you. There were some pitch problems...but good song choice.
Paula~You are getting into your groove. It was a good performance. I think you have some of the best vocals in this competition.
Simon~It wasn't as good as last week. But you have secured yourself a place in next weeks competition.

Fifth to sing...Michael Johns...singing "Don't You Forget About Me"...

I didn't think he did as well as the judges thought he did. I just don't know about this guy. I don't have strong opinions one way or the other. I gave him three out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~I loved that. It was you, was you. Nicely done.
Paula~You have defined who you are. It was the perfect song and I loved the strength in low range.
Simon~I liked it, didn't love it. I really like you. I just don't think you have chosen the right song yet.

Maybe the right song would enhance his performance for me. I don't know...when I hear him's just ho hum...

Sixth to sing...David Cook...singing "Hello"...but in a rocker version.

Dude totally nailed this song. It was by far, my favorite of the night. I give him five out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~That was a great arrangement. That could totally be released as a single, today and be a great hit.
Paula~Fabulous. I have to agree with Randy. That could be a hit song today.
Simon~That was a very brave thing to do and I loved it. It worked and I look forward to seeing you next week.

By far, he is in the top three from last nights performers...even better than David Arhuletta in my book.

Seventh to perform...Jason Castro...singing "Hallelujah"...

This is another guy that just does not do a lot for me. I didn't care for his song choice last night at all. Maybe it's because I didn't recognize the song. Whatever..the judges thought he did good. I gave him three out of five stars.

Here is what the judges thought:

Randy~I give you props for performing without the guitar. It was a difficult song and you did a good job.
Paula~It seemed effotless. You performed with such ease. You are unique.
Simon~That was absolutely brilliant. You are getting better and that was one of my favorite performances.

According to the judges...guess he has reserved himself a spot for next week.

Final performer of the night...Chikeze Eze...singing "All The Woman That I Need"...origanally "All The Man That I Need" (performed by Whitney Houston)

I thought he was ok...I gave him four out of five stars. Not the right choice of song for him.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~Interesting song choice. You did a really good job.
Paula~You sounded really good, I am proud of you.
Simon~That was very caberet. Not a smart move; it didn't work for you.

So...who were your favorites from last night? What did you think was up with Paula?
Who do you think is going home?

I predict...Luke Menard and Danny Noriega will be saying good-bye come Thursday night.

Tune in it is the girls turn to shine with songs from the eighties.



Motor City Monk said...

Luke is for sure going home. Danny's probably going home too - though he might be well liked just for his "sass".

David Cook rocked out that Lionel Ritchie song.

Archuletta can do no wrong (in the judges eyes)

Loved Jason Castro's version of Hallelujah and it's a difficult song to pull off - Jeff Buckley (popular version) and Leonard Cohen (writer) would be proud.

Paula was off last night for sure. Either didn't take her meds or took too much.

janet said...

pooh. even though i didn't go to rehearsal last nite, i STILL missed the show becuz of a school thing for roo.

on to the girls...

ablondeblogger said...

LOL @ Danny/Danielle! Did you see the bit they did on him on The Soup? Hilarious!

Thanks for the linkage by the way. I'm on my other computer so I can't do the "sub with bloglines" button deal, but I'm emailing your link to myself so I can add you tonight (did that make any sense? lol)

Oh, and that doll? Creepy! Mind if I blog that, too?

Lori said...

I agree w/ your predicitons on who's going home. although I think Chikeze might go too.

I cannot stand Danny and his/her bulging eyes. Drives me crazy. I'm not a big fan of Archuletta. I don't like his lisp and I think he's too young to be singing some of these songs. I think he's got talent, but I don't think he'll be an Idol if he wins, he'll just fade. He needs a few more years and some peppier songs to make it on the pop scene.
I love David Cook, though. He's my fave.

Kim said...

Paula was definitely acting odd last night. BF and I were laughing at some of her comments. And the expressions she made were hilarious!

Emily said...

david is my fav...along with the rest of America I feel. Thanks for the recap, love it!

and to me last night sounded kinda whiny...

Toni said...

I think you are 100% on with this one. Danny/Danielle drives me batty and Luke is a goner.

Paula? Paula is a kook! Off her meds, indeed!

sandyland said...

I like braids guy

Flat Coke and Flies said...

Lionel Richies cover rocked!!!

Flat Coke and Flies said...

I know you will post about the girls tomorrow but I couldn't wait...I thought Amanda & Carly did the best. I agree with Simon that the guys did better than the girls.

The Egel Nest said...

I think Luke and Danny have to go...

It is time :)

And as far as the girls...I think Syesha and Aish'a are going also...

We'll see!

The Egel Nest


Monk..on all points, I have to agree. Luke and Danny are still my two top picks for going home. And I think Paula was just drunk!

Janet...what did you think of the girls?, I didn't see that. I will have to see if I can find a clip on it somewhere. Danny is definitely the Sanjaya for this year. I look forward to reading your blog...Mr. Fab thinks highly of you...that's why I added you. By all means, blog about the dolls, creepy but so life like.

Lori..I think Chikeze survived to the top 12..Danny does seem a little weird..I loved David Cook too. His arrangement of that song was awesome. I told Monk, I think she was drunk. Seriously.

Emily..I think a lot of the performances have sounded whiny. I like David too.

Toni..Luke is definitely going for sure. As far as Danny goes, maybe they want to keep a he/she on the show, I don't know. Yes, Paula is definitely getting crazier and crazier every year. Even Simon looks at her like she has lost her mind.

Sandy...I don't care for braids guy at all. He is at the bottom of my list. My co-worker likes him too...he just doesn't stand out for me as someone that I would want to hear on the radio, or buy of Itunes.

Flat..yeah, the guys definitley did a better eighties night than the girls. Amanda was my favorite for the girls, and David Cook was my favorite for the boys.

Bradley..yeah, I think Luke and Danny are it. I am pretty confident. As far as the girls...not 100% on that.