Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing With The Stars....Ladies night...Season 6 Premeire....

Last was the ladies turn to strut their stuff..and strutt it they did..some better than others, of course.

I was more impressed with the ladies than the guys...that is for sure. Still not sure who my favorite is going to be, so I haven't voted yet..maybe after next week, I will know more....

Let's recap last nights premiere of the ladies...

1. ) Shannon Elizabeth and partner Derek Hough..dancing the Cha Cha...

I swear Derek is just as adorable as his sister him. Partnered with Shannon, they make a stunning couple. I would absolutely kill for Shannon's legs..they are amazing. For the first run..I thought they did a terrific job. Shannon has some trouble wearing high heels (she professes to be a tomboy), she will need to work on that a little bit...but overall...great job.

Here are what the judges thought:

Len~Lost your hip need to work on your legs.

Bruno~You sexy minx. You have great legs...learn how to use them.

Carrie Ann~Great energy and confidence. You nailed it. You have gorgeous legs, work on your flexibility.

They scored...21 out of 30.

2.) Monica Seles and her partner Johnathan Robers...dancing the Foxtrot...

Man, was she stiff...she really is going to have to work on loosening up a little bit. After every turn, I expected her to grunt out, "Hhhummmmphhh" when she hits a tennis ball really, really I honestly don't see her being around past the first elimination.

Here are what the judges thought:

Bruno~Loved the beautiful romantic tone. You need to work on engaging your center core...will make you lighter.

Len~Lovely romance, elegant gorgeous. You do need to "lift it to shift it".

Carrie Ann~Lot of confidence/delicateness...use energy.

They scored the lowest of the night with 15 out of 30.

3.) Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani...dancing the Cha Cha...

Tony is so devishly handsome...I just love looking at him...Marissa is so bubbly, her personality truly shines through....I feel she needs to tone down her "broadway faces" just a little bit...but I enjoyed watching her last night. I loved the Flo Rider always makes me want to jump up and dance.

Here are what the judges thought:

Carrie Ann~Love your style and sass..although I was underwhelmed with the amount of content regarding the Cha Cha...there was not enough.

Bruno~Eye popping. Love your peppy personality.

Len~ I was bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Too much hip hop...for the cha cha.

I thought it was very entertaining...girl can really shake it....and Tony..all I have to say is MMmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm MMmmmmmm.

They scored way too low in my 18 out of 30.

4.) Priscilla Presley and Louis Van Amstel...dancing the Foxtrot...

Now, if you can get past Mrs. Heartbreak Hotels horribly overbotoxed, nip/tucked face..she actually did really good. Elvis would have been proud. The crowd gave them a standing ovation. So..there's that I guess. When you realize Priscilla is like 63 years old, and for their first dance, they performed the death spiral...and she aced have to be a little impressed.

Here are what the judges thought:

Len~Got it right! Beautifully your posture.

Bruno~That was an uncompromising, smoking hot on your shoulders.

CarrieAnn~You are Queen of the dance was very elegant...shows age is just a number, right?

They scored...24 out of 30...placing them second for the night.

5.) Kristy Yamuguchi and Mark Ballas...dancing the Foxtrot...

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!
Some may say she has an unfair advantage, but I have to contend, there is a big difference with wearing heels and dancing choreographed ball room dances, compared to wearing ice skates and dancing choreographed ice skating routines....she was fabulous and looked absolutely beautiful. She knows the turns, it was elegant, flowed like water. She is a natural dancer. Some people just have it..she has it.

Here are what the judges thought:

Bruno~Absolutely Wicked! Timing and precision were right on. Best I've ever seen in a first performance.

CarrieAnn~That looked effortless. It was perfection.

Len~The Ice Maiden melted my heart. You are talented.

They received the highest score of the evening...a 27 out of doesn't get much better than that.

6.) Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez...dancing, I believe, the Cha Cha...

A lot of questions have been raised regarding Marlees ability to dance well, when she can't hear the music...guess those questions were answered last night. She did an amazing job. I was very proud of her. She was very fluid in her movements and Fabian did an excellent job leading her...I look forward to seeing more of what she can do.

Here are what the judges thought:

CarrieAnn~That was unbelievable, very inspiring. You are so fluid and move with such ease.

Len~I was an amazing performance. Work on controlling your arms.

Bruno~I sing the same tune..the music is running through your blood. You hardly missed a beat.

They scored...22 out of 30.

That's it folks...what were your thoughts regarding the first rounds?
Come back next week, Monday night, to watch all 12 stars perform, then the vote off witll be on Tuesday of next week.



janet said...

wow! you are a busy tuesday-night girlie!!!!

nicely recapped. i dont feel like i missed a thing!

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Dixie:

Great to see that you are recapping DWTS again this season! I always enjoy your posts on this!

I enjoyed the first two nights very much! I pretty much agree with your assessment of the couples.

Depending on how they perform next Monday, I would suspect that Monica, and either Penn or Adam will be departing. I think this is the first time they will be eliminating 2 couples at once.

I think it will be a fun season!

Take care!!

Nap Warden said...

Holy uncomfortable to watch Monica S. Batman! What happened to P. Presley's face? Not to be blunt but what's up? I think Kristy Y. totally has an advantage. She knows how to sell a routine, c'mon! She was great though...I'd say she's the favorite to win. Nice recap Dixie:)

Hi Bradley's Mom!

ENFORCER said...

Heya Dixie,
I totally agree with ya on the women being way more impressive than the guys. I was telling the E-Wife last night that I was glad when Joey and Emmett did well their year, but this year there really isn't anyone on the guys side that makes me want to cheer em on.

Marlee kicked some serious ass, I absolutely love her and she nailed it bigtime!!!

Marissa's personality and charisma really made me pull for her, she is so sweet. I did say something to E-Wife about her facial expressions being a bit too much. But you couldn't help being happy for her.

I'm a big Elvis and Priscilla fan from way back and any woman that says the line (after hearing Leslie Neilson say nice beaver) thanks I just had it stuffed is awesome in my book.

I felt so bad for Monica Seles, enough said!!!!

I'm one thats not so impressed with Kristy Yamagicci. She did awesome but I think she does have an unfair advantage.

I love your updates!!!!


Janet...yes, it was a busy night for me. Glad you liked the recap.

Linda..thanks. I enjoy your coming by...I asked Bradley where you were at...I knew you would be watching..I agree...Monica and Adam are my choice to go home first. I don't really care for Adam..I find him to be quite obnoxious...Monica is just too stiff and I don't see her loosening up enough. Come back, K?

Nap...Monica Seles is going to be one of the first women to go...and I think Adam Corrola will be the first guy (poor Julianne). Priscillas face??? Holy hell, she would have looked so much better if she had just let herself age gracefully...too much nip/tucking and botoxing going own...even her lips....she has so much botox in them...she can hardly talk. I agree with you about Kristy Yamuguchi...would not surprise me if she didn't win..but, it's still early...anything could happen. Thanks for stopping by...

Enforcer..I never would have thought that you would be a DWTS fan..that is great!!
Yes, there are no guys that stand out for me this year..Helio won my heart last year..of course, we are big Indy 500 fans, so we were totally pulling for them last season and Emmett the season before. As far as the women, I like Priscilla as well...we are huge Elvis fans, but just I like told Nap...her face, bless her heart...she has ruined it..she was such a beautiful woman at one time. You watch her and you can't help but go, Wow..she was married to the King....Marlee truly impressed me..that she can't hear the music, but feels it...awesome.
Marissa is infectious... you can't help but smile and feel happy watching her...she does need to tone down her facial expressions a little bit...but, I think that is just her true personality.
Thanks for stopping by...I will be here every week! Ha.

i beati said...

love the yama girl and braids guy - hey I didn't see my name or anything for m,e - ??But I'll take whatever it is hahah Happy Easter !!


I were included my dear...grab the are on my blog roll right? Happy Easter to you as well.