Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol and Dancing With The Stars...On The Same Night....Oy!

Wow...was last night a crazy busy night for far as my television viewing went...Do you realize how hard it is to try and watch two shows at the same time, and try and take notes on both shows, to blog about both shows the next day? Also, throw two little attention hungry little boys into the mix....stressful, stressful indeed.
I almost threw in the towel and said forget about it...but, since I know you all flock to my blog just to read my Idol and Dancing With The Stars posts....and even though very few of you that stop by here LEAVE ME A COMMENT...I am not bitter...I still want to keep you informed...I will not let you, I watched most of Idol, then the majority of my attention was devoted to dancing with the stars.
I will be doing two posts today....starting with...

Last night, the top eleven performed...singing from the Beetles songbook, once again.
I think, just like week of the Beetles was enough...because in my opinion...not one person really stood out for me last night.

Let's recap...

1.) Amanda Overmeyer singing "Back In The USSR"...

I am beginning to lose interest in Amanda...I have to agree with Simon, she is becoming repetitious and boring...I wanted to see her go all the way, since she is a hometown girl..but, she really needs to change it up a bit...or she is going home.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~It was a little pitchy in the beginning. It was a good song choice...but, I give you a 7 out of 10.

Paula~Timing was a little off. Little pitchy. It ws quintessential to who you are. I love you and I think you will continue to move up.

Simon~It was what it was...predictable. It is the same thing, week after week. Boring.
You need to surprise with something different.

I gave her three out of five stars....just based on the repetition factor alone.

2.) Kristy Lee Cook...singing "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"...

I thought she did just ok...I am really not that impressed with her. I strongly think she, along with Amanda will end up in the bottom three tonight. Hopefully, this is her week to go home. I am so done with her.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~It was an interesting arrangement. A little boring...more emotional, but safe.

Paula~Safer to stick to the melody. Although, this is the best you have ever looked. It was good, just safe. You really need to go there with the high notes.

Simon~That was not a good performance. You are not a good performer. Better than last week....but, it was like noticing wallpaper, you see it, you just don't remember it.

I give her two out of five stars...just for trying.

Buh bye, Kristi.....

3.) David Archuletta...singing "Long and Winding Road"...

Well, at least he remembered all the words this week....seriously, he did very well.
He has a great voice, but..because of his age...I am just not a fan.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~Brought hotness back to your game. That was brilliant...very nice.

Paula~That showed the purity of who and what you are. It was wonderful.

Simon~Last week....was a mess. This week...was amazing. You totally made my point in regards to the last contestant.

I give him a five out of five...he may very well win this thing.

4.) Michael Johns...singing "A Day In The Life"...

It was just ok for me...definitely not one of his best. This could put him towards the bottom...

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~It wasn't your best. Not the right song. You've got that big old voice, sing and let your voice do your thing.

Paula~Listening to you during dress rehearsals, you were phenomenal. Wearing an ear piece kind of takes that away...(funny thing, though Paula..he wasn't wearing an ear piece)

Simon~It was a mess. You didn't hit the right were all over the place. At this point in the competition, you have got to nail the song. It wasn't good enough.

I gave him two out of five stars.

5.) Brooke White...singing "Here Comes The Sun"...

It wasn't as good as last week..but, I still thought she did ok. She will be around for another week.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~It was awkward for me. You were never connected to that song. Was not hot.

Paula~We can't help but smile when we watch you. You really have good low tones to your voice...showed us a different side. It could have been more challenging.

Simon~Somehow, I knew you would be dressed in yellow. It was terrible..from the horrible dancing to your lack of conviction.

I didn't think it was as bad as Simon made it out to be...I give her four out of five stars.

6.) David Cook...singing "Day Tripper"...

Now, I missed most of his, I can't fairly judge here...although I did catch what the judges had to say...

Randy~That was like a David Cook concert. It was another solid look...from the voice box solo...I loved it.

Paula~You are ready to go sale records. Very cool.

Simon~It was not as good as you thought it was. The decoder was stupid. You have lost your element of have become predictable.

Watching the replay...I give him four out of five stars.

7). Carly Smithson...singing "Blackbird"...

I've said it before, I'll say it again...I just don't see what the big freaking deal is with her...she is just ok...would I go buy her music? Probably not...not once as she grabbed me and made me go, "Wow"....doubt that it's going to happen, either.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~Another great performance. Very nice.

Paula~You have such an amazing tone to your voice. The arrangement was beautiful.

Simon~It was not a smart song choice. It was indulgent.

I give her four out of five stars.

8.) Jason Castro...singing "Michelle"...

Another performance I only caught bits and pieces of...just like with Carly...I am not too impressed with Jason either. He does absolutely nothing for me.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~Loved the song. It was subdued by you. Just alright for me.

Paula~You have a very distinct charm about you. I feel like you are disconnected without your guitar. It was awkward.

Simon~It's a very weird show tonight.Singing The Beetles again, was just not a very good idea, in my opinion. Your face sold that performance.

Based on the replay...I give him three out of five stars.

9.) Syesha Mercado..singing "Yesterday"...

I thought she did a fantastic job. She has potential and she is hanging in there.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~Very good performance. You took some liberties.

Paula~Let yourself be very vulnerable. Where you need to be. You do need to connect with the audience, with your eyes.

Simon~Best performance so far. You sold the song very well, that should keep you in.

I gave her five out of five stars.

10.) Chikeze Eze...singing "I've Just Seen A Face"...

Missed this one....

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~Some good/some bad. I like the upbeat stuff.

Paula~You are showing your depth. You did it again.

Simon~Started out ok...but the harmonica at the end...atrocious...kind of like Achy Breaky was gimmicky.

Based on the replay...I would give him four out of five stars.

11.) Ramiele Malubay..singing "I Should Have Known Better"...

Didn't see one bit of her performance...sorry. I don't care for her much anyway, so I am sure I didn't miss much.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Randy~It was alright. Not jumping up or down or anything.

Paula~It was alright.

Simon~Sounded like Chikezie on the harmonica. You picked a mediocre song.

Looks like she could be in the bottom three.

I can't star her...didn't see any of her performance....

So...what did you guys think?

My pick to go home is Kristy Lee...with Amanda Overmeyer and Ramiele in the bottom three....

Tune in tonight..let's see who is going home.

Dancing With The Stars recap....coming later today.



Nap Warden said...

I gotta say, overall I thought it was a weak night. For the most part I agree with Simon. Weird? Now I have to watch DWS I dvr'd it...I'll be back:)

Toni said...

I haven't seen it yet, thanks for the recap!


Nap..weak isn't the word for it. What did you think about DWTS? are welcome my dear.