Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday...to my big "little" brother!!!!

Today is my Bro Man's birthday....He's 35...Wow! Do I feel old...he may be over six feet tall...but he will always be my "little" brother.

Growing up...we had our ups and downs...but I look back with fond memories on our childhood together. Setting up a clubhouse in the dirt basement of our house...playing in the creek, catching tadpoles and crawdads...damming up the creek at our grandparents house (Our Mom's parents) and going swimming, then getting our asses beat with a hickory switch for sneaking off to the community pool with our cousins and not getting permission from our "grannie trotter"...Fun times people, fun times!

Sneaking off to smoke our first cigarette with our cousins..then freaking the hell out when we heard our Grannie a coming for us...

Mom always had to work, two jobs at times, just to make ends meet...so, we grew up in the summer, staying with our grannie and gramps, running around barefoot, in that southern clay mud, swimming in the creek and playing in the woods....we were your typical red neck kids...that's for sure. But we knew how to have fun, make do with what we had.

Oh, the ass whippings with a hickory switch we endured together. Like the one time, my brother got into some serious trouble with our mom, she was not one to spare the rod...she told bro man to go out, fetch a hickory switch for his whooping...he came back in with a little twig...that made her mad, she sent him out again, he came back with a just a little stick..this went on for several trips out, back and forth...to finally, he got tired of it, brought in a freaking log, drug it up from the creek, told her to just get it over with and whip him with that...you should have seen her face. He loved to cheese her off...but in a good natured way.

I am proud he is my brother...I miss him. I don't get to see him often, in fact, it has been almost two years since I seen him last. He lives in South Carolina, near our Mom, with his wife and two daughters...hopefully, I will get to see him this summer.

Regardless of the distance that seperates us, I think we have become closer now, then when we were kids. I don't doubt if I ever need him, he will be here in a heart beat.
He proved that during my last two divorces..both times, he was here to go to court with me, ready to kick the ex's asses...open up that typical redneck can of whoop ass on them..lol...especially with that last one...

Bro~if you are reading this...just know I love you and I consider you one of my very best friends in the world. I don't know what I would do without you. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday...Have a beer for me!


Whitenoise said...

HB to the bro. ;-)

Sicilian said...

Great post Dix. . . .made me LOL. . .. I thouhgt. . . . I do have them once in awhile. . . . You might be a redneck if you had a granny . . . never heard of a granny til I got to Texas, but I sure did love the granny I inherited when I got here.
Your stories reminded me of hers. . . . the log was hilarious.

Rachel said...

I love this!!
It reminds me so much of my 'big little brother' He's about 6'2" and 3 years younger. He drove me nuts when we were kids and now we are so close. This brought tears to my eyes and made me smile.
'granny' is a southern term and there is nothing redneck about it. It's about love, respect, honor and cherishing them :-) If you aren't southern, it's like moonpies, RC cola and Moonshine, you just wouldn't understand :-)
SMooches darlin'.

Daddy Forever said...

Sounds like a great guy. I hope he has a great birthday.

Ellinghouse said...

what a nice tribute! Hope he got a chance to read this post....with beer in hand of course!



Sicilian..yes, grannies are special..although, mine was just a tad mean...seriously, she wanted to whip us all the time, with whatever she had in her hand at the time..broom, stick, plank, didn't matter to her.

Rachel..you couldn't have said it better my dear..thanks.

Daddio..yep, he is.

Ellinghouse..yes, he said he was going to read it when I talked to him last night, and at the time he did have a beer in his hand.

Toni said...

Happy Birthday, Dix's Bro!

Linka72 said...

Dang it Dixie, now I'm all "sniffly" at my desk...My bro lives in Cali..far, far away but I miss my brother too.
Oh, the whippin's WE endured together..gladly, we can look back and laugh at those times now.



Linka...sorry...but, yeah...it's hard to be away from them...