Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Wow...what a glitzy and glam premiere last night was. I wasn't too sure how much excitement there would be for me, but I was pleasantly surprised. Last night, the men foxtrotted and cha-cha'ed thier hearts out. For the first night, they didn't do too badly...a couple really stood out...as well as some, well..let's just say, they have their work cut out for them.

So...how did the six guys do last night? Well, let's recap and find out...

First up...Penn Jillette and Kym Johnson..dancing the Cha Cha ("Fool In Love")...

I found Penn to be very entertaining....but that is to be expected..that is what he does for a living. I thought he had a great attitude...his joke about being "Big Foot"...very funny. Dude is huge, paired next to little Kym....he is scary huge to her I am sure.
Regardless of his entertainment factor, poor Penn has a lot of work to do if he is going to stay in the game, so to speak. Not to say he didn't try, he made a huge effort, but Kym did most of the work.

Here is what the judges had to say:

Len: It was fun, entertaining. There is a problem with your foot technique, that you need to work on.

Bruno: That was like watching a trailer for a Shrek doing the Cha Cha. You need to refine your movements, be lighter on your feet.

Carrie Ann: You have such great energy and attitude. You give 100%. I have to agree that you need to work on your foot work.

The score.......16 out of 30.

Next up...Miami Dolphins Defensive end...Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska...dancing the Foxtrot ("Pride and Joy")...

What a sexy performer he is going to be...I just know it. Although he is far from feminine...he donned a tutu in practice....just a joke from his poker buddies, but it's nice to see, with all that manliness and sexiness, that he too has a sense of humor.
Edyta states that "this is her season to win" and I could see that happening. With a little work, Jason is going to shine.

Here is what the judges had to say....

Len: "When I look at you, it's like looking in the mirror" (um..yeah, right Len-when you are dreaming of your younger days, maybe?)...You have great posture and you move across the floor well.

Carrie Ann: You were very coordinated, fluid in your movements.

Bruno: You are the most graceful tackler I have ever seen. Ignite the romance, make it hot!

Score: 22 out of 30

Third to perform...Christia'n De La Fuente and Cheryl Burke...dancing the Cha Cha ("Bang Bang")...

Christian is sizzling hot...I love the Latin men...MMmMMMmmm....he is no Helio on the dance floor, but I expect some great things out of him...His comment, before dancing was that he wants to bring romance to the dance floor...bring it baby, bring it...Dixie will be drooling in front of her t.v....I assure you.
I thought he did a fab job last night...a little stiff, but for the first night..not bad, not bad at all.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Carrie Ann: You are well suited for this type of dance. You have such a natural charisma. You do need to pull up your shoulders, though.

Bruno: It looks like you are riding a bike. You need to use the instruments that you have..."When she bangs, you have to bang as hard as she does"...(Holy cow! He actually said that?)....even the hosts told the kids to go to bed after that comment.
Reign it in there Bruno....reign it in.

Len: You are half and half. From the hips down you are fine. Work on the arms and posture.

Their score....21 out of 30.

Fourth up...my favorite little professional...Julianne Hough and her celebrity partner...Adam Corrolla...dancing the Foxtrot ("Mello Yello")....

My oh my...poor Julianne surely has her work cut out for her. The show definitely doesn't want her to win that trophy this year, so...they paired her with this Greg Brady look alike. Don't get me wrong, as a radio/comedy personality...I like Adam ok...it's just hard to watch poor Julianne, the best professional there is in my opinion, paired with someone that no matter how much work is put into it...he will not win....he has two left feet..that is something that can not be corrected...again, I say..poor, poor Julianne.

Here is what the judges thought:

Bruno: “If the Foxtrot was an actor like George Clooney, you were Will Ferrell.”
There is a lot of work, a lot of work..to be done. You need to work on your posture.

Len: Julianne, you have your work cut out for you. Your footwork was good, but you are too stiff...you need to relax.

Carrie Ann: I am at a loss for words. You have a lot going on. Just keep working on it.

They scored the lowest of the night...15 out of 30.

Fifth to perform...Mario, one of my favorite R & B singers..dancing with professional Karina Smirnoff...dancing the Cha Cha ("Request Line")....

They are going to be hot together...now some may think that Mario has a little advantage of the others..because of his musical background, but I have to agree that ball room dancing is a far cry from the dancing he does in his videos....
It is obvious that he is a natural on the dance floor though..his twists and turns were totally in sync with Karina's....he is going to be the man to beat in this competition.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Carrie Ann: You can dance. (She was totally flustered~couldn't say too much)...To Karina...Do you have a monopoly on hot Mario's??? That was a great dance, great to watch. Ladies, this is the standard you need to put forth tomorrow night.

Len: Great job! You have some rhythmic hip action. Just need to work on the footwork.

Bruno: You are a great performer. Great musicality.

They had the highest score last night...with 24 out of 30. Way to start at the beginning of this competition.

Last to perform...funny man...Steve Guttenburg and Anna Trebrenskaya...dancing the Foxtrot ("Lazy River")...

What a charming guy Steve is....he seemed geniunely happy to be there. He looked like he was enjoying himself, even throwing in a cute little jump as he danced.
I think he will be around longer than Adam....but not for long. Just not dancer material.

Here are what the judges thought:

Bruno: You put your heart and soul into it.

Carrie Ann: I liked it. It was adorable and charming.

Len: You are the first one that looked like he was enjoying himself.You are charming. Work on your technique.

They scored and 18 out of 30.

Well...that's it for the guys. Thus far, Mario is my favorite. Not sure out of the ladies, who I will favor more. Can't wait to see them perform tonight.

Although, I am in a bit of a pickle...American Idol comes on first, Dancing with The Stars...an hour later...I can't watch both.

What do you want to see me blog about...DWTS or AI....I am good, but not sure if I can do both at once.

Back to DWTS...whose performance last night surprised you the most?

The higest score of the evening...Mario.
The lowest score of the evening...Adam.



i beati said...

I was seriously unimpressed.

Nap Warden said...

Ok, my first question is...Can I DVR one show and watch another? I must watch AI and DWS. Steve G. had way more personality than I would have expected...R&B guy is gonna do really well...Julianne, poor, poor Julianne!


I beati...me too.

Nap...sure you can. I liked Steve G..Mario is talented for sure. I want to cry for poor Julianne..Adam is obnoxious.

Miss said...

Loved it. For what I thought Adam was going to do, he impressed me with what he brought. The way he's been talking about it, I figured he would do much worse.