Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter's Over...It's Monday....I Am Out Of Juice...

(The rabbit in the picture...that is totally me....since I am the Easter Bunny in my house)...

Holy Cow...what a busy weekend! I have a lot to say, a lot of pictures to post...but, the boss in the office today and for some reason, my pictures on my camera, saved to my internal memory, not my memory, I can't pull them off at the moment.
Trust me, there was a bunny cake made, easter eggs dyed/broken, happy kids, crying kids....baskets, candy..oh, hell..the kids were like spiderman....literally climbing the walls. I had to hide the candy this morning, to keep Max out of it...he would eat each and every piece, in one sitting, if I would let him....We had a huge Easter Dinner(cooked by yours truly~except for the ham~hubby did that)...I started cooking at 9:30 a.m..didn't stop until 2 P.M....we ate, I cleaned up, we hid eggs, hunted eggs, I cleaned some more...then...I ran kids to their dads....Whew!

I am tired...I don't want to be here...instead, I have visions of this...
...with me in it...
I did not get very much rest at all this weekend.

Max woke me up at 3:45 A.M...Easter morning, people...3:45 tell me the Easter Bunny had came.....(and he had about an hour before)....he was hard to get back to bed and was up for good at 7:30 A.M....he played hard all day and needless to say, this morning, he was still asleep and snoring when I left for work.
I wish I still were.

With the boss in all day, working on landscape designs..requiring my input after every little drawing, his assistance at every turn...I won't be around much today.
I will try to get my pics off my do you pull them from the internal memory??? Can anybody tell me that? When/If I get it figured get to see our all of its glory.

Have a great Monday! If that is possible......There is one good thing about today...8 p.m. tonight...Dancing With The Stars...tune in...let's watch together...I will be recapping it tomorrow...for those of you that are interested...Maybe, just maybe...since I have only one chil'en at home this week...I can "live" blog it....depends on how "needy" the hubby and Max are this evening. Moments to myself are few and far between. Now hubby, if you are reading this...don't take that the wrong way...sometimes, I like your being "needy"...just not when Dancing With The Stars is on, m'kay? Love you sweetie!



Sandy Kessler said...

amazing how strung out we get on holidays pretty bedroom mine is a disaster

Big Pissy said...


go straight to bed when you get home from work! ;-)

Toni said...

The 3:45 thing musta been going around 'cause that is when my daughter awoke from a bad dream and tripped over an egg on her way out of her bedroom door. Yeah. That was the end of my night.

She tried really hard to go back to sleep but was too keyed up because the bunny had come. Yeah. That made for a long, long day.

Daddy Forever said...

I'm very tired too and I didn't even have to cook anything.

That's is strange about your camera. I didn't even know you could store pics in internal memory. No idea how to get them out. Sorry.


Sandy, yes Holidays always stress me out. my dreams.

Toni...totally weird how both our kids did that at the same time. Yes, it was a very long day.

Daddio...sorry you are tired...must have been from watching your poor wife do all the work, huh?? Just kidding.....yeah, I haven't had time to figure out how to pull the pics off..there has to be a way.