Thursday, March 20, 2008

Feeling the Bloggy Love....

You know...I have really been down in the dumps lately with this here blog...I put alot of time and effort in most of my posts....and I haven't felt very "loved" as of late...I am unfortunately a comment whore...lately, they just seem few and far between....except for my loving faithful few bloggy know who you are...that I can always count on for a kind word or two. I started this blog, as a hobby..."all the cool kids were doing it"....kind of thing. A place for me to look back on...remember the ups/downs of my pictures of my kids, etc..and most of all, to make new friends.
I don't have any of those in my "non-blogging" world....I used to....I had two really close girlfriends and a couple handfuls of regular friends....I met my husband and moved away from all of them several years ago...where I live now...I know no one, except for the people I work with...most of those are men...there are only four women in our office, including is way too young, the other two...they are best buddies...they don't include me...maybe because they just aren't what I look for in a, I pretty much close myself off to them. Where I work at...I feel like the "red-headed step child"..(no offense to you redheads out's just a figure of speech)...this bothers me...a lot...I have always been part of the "crowd", to just don't fit in. I don't know why...My husband, his family, when I talk to them about it..just say it's a jealousy thing...I am not so sure....I try to not get upset about it...but, it's hard.

Anyway, I have found several close "bloggy friends" in the short time (6 months) that I have been blogging...they never fail to leave a comment, make me smile...When I feel like throwing in the towel...quit this whole blogging thing, I think of them...know they count on me for a laugh..or an update on our favorite shows...I can't do it...I know I would miss it and them a great deal. It is my goal, to one day meet these wonderful ladies and the mean time...I sign on every day, hoping that I can post something, anything, that will attract new readers, that will brighten my current readers day...that will draw people out to comment. I read so many other blogs...and some of these bloggers, off of one, miniscule post...get 50, 75, 100 plus comments...and I think to the hell do they do that? They blog about nothing different than me..their day, their kids, their work,etc..just life in general. How do you get on that popularity bandwagon?

Well, this morning...I decided that was not so important to me anymore...Know why?
Because of my "handful" of loving blogging friends...they are always there, that is what is appreciate the loyal friends that you have, quit worrying about the "popularity bandwagon"...

Much to my surprise, I made my Idol post this morning, and immediately got a comment..from my wonderful friend Toni , from A Tale Of Two Kiddies...she said she had something for me over at her place...I thought wow, what could it be...When I thought no one cared weather I blogged or died..haha..Toni felt compelled to bestow a couple of awards upon me...

I love the term.."Sassy"..that describes me to a tee...thank you Toni, you sassy little minx you...I heart you..I truly do you.Thanks for always visiting, just making me feel worthwhile. Hopefully, one of these days..we can meet up and share a glass of wine/Starbucks...our favorites.....

Now...when you receive the love, you share the, I am passing this Sassy Mama award on to Nap , from NapWarden...she is a lover of Idol/DWTS and Lost...she rocks some sassy clothes and is a sassy woman/mama...I adore her too...she never fails to stop by and brighten my day. Keep showing the world your sassy self!

I am also passing this on to the other Dixie from Dixie's Diner..she is about as sassy as any southern woman could possibly be...I know without a doubt that we could tear up the town, if we ever met up. She is a girl after my own heart and if you have never read Dixe's Diner...then you are in for a treat. Girl is hilarious.

Another sassy southern girl, that I just like me in so many ways, is Daphne , from One Mom In Alabama...she seems reserved..but, I know better...deep beneath her exterior is one sassy mama, just waiting to get out! Show your sassy self, girl!

There are so many more sassy women on my blogroll I would love to bestow this upon..but tradition is, (I think)...that you pass on an award to three, I am going to stop there..

But, Toni also gave this award for the taking, so I'm a takin'...and I want all the women, (guys too~if you want) to grab this bouquet...never say Dixie didn't give you nothin' are some flowers to brighten your day...brighten your blog.

I'm serious, ya'll...if you look to the right, see your blog name on my blogroll...these flowers are for you....Yes, Janet...Rachel...Pissy....Monk...Diva...Ajooja....White...Daddio...Bradley...all of ya'll...even if I just didn't call you out...take them, show them off....display them proudly...I just don't give flowers to anybody....

Again, rock! You truly made my day....

Love to you all...



ajooja said...

Thanks, sweety. I read every post but I'm not a very good commenter. I never know what to say.

When I first started blogging, I got caught up in getting comments, new readers, numbers, blog awards, all kinds of stuff. I spent as much time looking at my site meter as anything else.

The bad thing is that I always felt a lot of pressure to post everyday, to be funny, entertaining, whatever.

The pressure got too much so I just quit blogging for a while. When I came back, I decided I was going to blog for me. If I wanted to do a meme, I'd do it. If I wanted to write on a serious topic, I'd do it. If I wanted to NOT POST FOR DAYS IN A ROW, I'd do that too.

Readers and bloggy friends are great but you have to do this for you, not for anyone else.

Gotta go. ~big kisses~

Kim said...

awww thanks! I love reading your blog and I do read every entry. I haven't written in my own because I have been so freaking busy and can't get my thoughts together. lol

Regarding AI and Lost:

I am surprised that Kristy girl didn't get voted off. She hasn't done too well. Also, preformance wise, I haven't been too impressed with Rumiele. She needs to step up and pick some better songs. She has a beautiful voice, but none of the songs she has performed have really "wowed" me.

Is tonight's Lost really the last one for this season? I am so bummed! I am addicted to this show and just started to think I had some things figured out. I am also loving the Desmond/Penny storyline and want to see more of that.

Rachel said...

Awe ~ Thank you sweetheart!
I am always reading you, even if some days I don't comment.
Smooches love.

Italianissima said...

Dixie! Don't be sad - I read every post but on a google reader so depending where I am I cannot comment. If it weren't for your Idol blog I would never know what is going on...I look forward to reading your opinions. Keep on blogging...we need you!!!

i beati said...

love ya kid taking it alll hahahaha

Ellinghouse said...

oh I read you every day too....usually through my bloglines account so I only comment if I have time! I don't watch dancing or lost...but i do love your idol recap! I completely understand where you are coming from with those "big blogs" who could write something like "I'm having a crappy day" and would get 100 comments of sympathy. What ever, I don't get it!

Linka72 said...

Oh Dixie, I'm a comment whore whores need to stick together!!! I try to comment on most blogs but believe it or not, I'm shy.
Thanks so much for my flowers!! And because I'm a nerd (and my husband is a slacker), I printed them out and put them on my desk..I know,sad, but true.

Daphne said...

Thanks girl! I too read you on the Google Reader, every day!
I used to be the sassiest girl. And I think I'm starting to draw more of my old self back out through this therapy known as bloggin. Who knew that girl was still in there?
Love ya girl!

Big Pissy said...

Awwwww..thanks for the flowers! I love 'em! :)

As for comments and readers...I know what you mean...and I've had my blog for over 2 years.

You have to do it b/c you enjoy it!



Meg said... need to go over to my blog and read it...
I LOVE your blog by the way and I almost used the same vintage picture in mine just the other day! We may be bloggin sistas...I cannot believe how close your post is to mine today! I really almost changed my picture to that same picture you have funny!

Keep blogging, I for one, will swing by every single day and encourage you..and comment!!!


Daphne said...

check my blog for a surprise!

Meg said...

Maybe I am a bigger dork than I thought...I was looking for your feeder to subscribe and couldn't find it...I added you to my roll anyway, just so I remember to come by every day and cheer you on!

If I am having a hard time finding your feeder, maybe everyone else is too. I know it's easier for me to visit sites when I subscribe and they automatically come to my "puter"...just a thought.

Nap Warden said...

Well Chicky they came out of the woodwork for this one...100 comments, here you come:)!!! Thanks for passing your award to me:) I would bumm if I couldn't dish AI, and DWS with you...

Miss said...

I've been in the exact place you are. Good for you for passing through it. I'm here because you left a comment at my blog and I followed, and I liked what I saw. I've found that it can be that easy! Keep it up!

A Novelist said...

Thanks for the blog-love! I can totally relate to what you said and I really do enjoy reading your blog. I too am a comment whore. I always respond when people leave me messages. Lately things have been crazy so I haven't been blogging as much as I like, and I do miss it. I also miss my blogger-friends who leave me comments. I promise to blog more often. Posts such as yours gives me inspiration to do so!

Take care and have a lovely Easter weekend! ;)
xoxo - Novelist

Toni said...

I could have written this post. Seriously. In fact, I have one in my drafts folder that is eerily similar and may have to see the light of day next week after reading this one.

I get really discouraged 'cause I think "my stuff's as good as so and so who gets 100 comments and I may get 10. Maybe 10. It is frustrating and brings up all of that wanting to fit in and be liked stuff of adolescence. *sigh*

I think you're great. I think you're funny. Stick with it 'cause I'd totally miss you! (:

Honeybell said...

You are a doll! Thank you, for your kind words over at my place and the flowers! I'm putting in my reader right now. I totally understand how you feel. I see bloggers talking about how small their blog is I only get about 100 hits a day and I'm all "WTH am I doing wrong!?" I do keep in mind that I blog for me, not for hits or comments . . . but it sure is nice to know that someone is reading!
Anyway-you just gained at least one more regular reader!

Daddy Forever said...

Thanks for the flowers! I'm not sure what my wife think about this. She already wonders why I only have one guy reader.

Kojak said...

Hey, I enjoy your blog alot, just wanted to tell ya. I just don't watch much t.v so I don't comment on the whole American Idol thing. Just kkep up the good work.

Kojak said...

Oooops, forgot to check it for spelling, thats keep up the good work.


Wow~I am truly overwhelmed with the kind words from all of are all the best bloggy friends a girl could ask for. Hugs to you all!

Ajooja: Just say hey...I don't expect much. I do blog for myself, but also, as I said, I want to make friends, so that means, people like you, that I consider a bloggy friend...I just like to hear, I get bummed when I post, only see two comments....I like to talk to people...I like them to talk to me..that's all. are welcome. I'm sure you are busy, what with planning a wedding and all? When is the big day? Regarding AI...Kristy or Ramiele will be next to go, that I am sure of. Regarding Lost..I heard it on the radio, but I don't know for sure, as I am currently three or four episodes behind. Thanks for reading me. are welcome darlin'..Love you too.

Beati...grab em' girl, grab em'

Ellinghouse...we truly think alike, regarding other blogs.Glad you like my Idol posts..I am there for you. LOL....I read you every day time you other bloggers meet in Indy, let me know, I am totally there. are truly a made me laugh out really printed them out? Bwuhahaha!I love reading you too, I check you out every day...wished I knew you in person. are more than welcome, us sassy southern belles have to stick together. are welcome doll your blog, the sassiness you always show. You rock and I will continue to read and comment for as long as you continue to blog. MMwwwuhhhaaa!

Meg...blogging sisters indeed. Wow, great minds do think alike...that was eerie how similar our posts were....I will link you too...can't wait to delve into your archives and read all about you. As far as my feeder goes, I will check it out...not to efficient with that sort of thing, but if there is a problem, how do I go about fixing it?, thank you hon..for being one of the first to read me, continuing to come are an amazing woman...100 comments?? Not hardly, but still...shocking...thanks for adding yours...don't worry, I'm not going anywhere....Hugs to ya!

Miss...same here...found you through another site..liked what I saw and seem like a really sweet person, terrific Mom...look forward to continuing reading you.

Novelist..thanks hon, you are more than welcome...I so live vicariously through you and your exciting New York life..I love clicking on your site...seeing the sights and almost hearing the sounds of New York City...keep the posts/pictures coming...I love reading ya!

Toni...shut up! For real? We are so alike it is far as the rest..right back at ya babe! are more than welcome..I have been reading you for quite sometime...thought it was time I let you know I noticed what a great blog you keep it up too! are are too funny, as well...they were just blog friendship flowers....tell her not to take a hit out on me, or

Kojak..right back at glad The Enforcer pointed you out...I love reading you too...although your posts are a lot more interesting..for sure. I promise, once Idol is over...I will not blog much of anything else but DWTS and my boring mundane life...if you haven't read my archives...check them out..there is some funny stuff, that doesn't revolve around AI or DWTS....thanks for reading me.

Dixie said...

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Bradley's Mom said...


Just so you know.....I LOVE your blog!

I don't always comment...don't always have time, or something to say, but I do read and enjoy every post you write!

Have a good holiday!


Angry Julie said...

Awww Thanks for the flowers!

I try and come here every day. Life has gotten soo busy lately. I'm even neglecting my own blog.

The Egel Nest said...

Thank you for the flowers my darling dixie cup!

The Egel Nest


Dixie # are more than welcome. I love your blog!

Linda, thanks hon! I love when you stop by....when are you going to get your own blog?

Julie, you are welcome hon! I understand the busy thing...

Bradley, you are more than welcome! You rock!