Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dancing With The Stars...Who was voted off?

Another Tuesday night results show...another couple booted off!

Of course, it took another drug out, long hour to find out the, I will give it to you in a fraction of the time...

Adam and Julianne...

Priscilla was also in the bottom two last night, but due to fans votes..she was safe.

Will that be the case next week? Who this point...Kristy is set to win it...

I hated to see Julianne leave....I adore her..but, seriously, it was time...Adam was starting to irritate me..he is not nearly as funny as he thinks he is....he comes across as an ass and I am sure Julianne is glad to be rid of him. They set her up from the beginning, not to, she new it was only a matter of time.

I enjoyed Sheryl Crow's performances last night...and the miniature ballroom dancers...loved those was fun to watch their performances last night.

What did you think of the results show? Who do you think will be at the bottom next week....



Miss said...

*sigh* There are two kind of people in this world. Those who "get" Adam and his helarious humor, and everyone else. Priscilla should have gone for her pinched botoxed face alone. Bleh. It scares small children.

The longer I watch this show, the more I know that the viewers votes dont really count as much as the votes of the judges.

"he comes across as an ass and I am sure Julianne is glad to be rid of him. They set her up from the beginning, not to, she new it was only a matter of time."
Ouch girly!! That was harsh. I dont think she cares much. She is doing bigger and better things and by the end, I really think they were getting on very well.

The show is now back to watching Kristy glide her way to the winners circle. She takes the fun out of this show. When she is getting nines from her first dance on, what is really the point?

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Dixie:

I totally agree that it was time for Adam to leave, but I will miss Julianne.

I think either Priscilla or Marissa will be the next to go.

I loved watching the children dance, but I HATED that they were judged and one was eliminated. I felt so sorry for them! I think that was not nice to do. Oh well, I'm not the boss of it! :)

Have a great day!



Miss...well, guess I am one of those "other two kinds of people"..I take it you are a fan of Adam, that's ok...I have no problem with that....I am not totally against Adam Corrolla and his kind of's just he was starting to get on my nerves...and that is just my opinion/feelings about the whole matter. Didn't mean to touch a hot button with you, so for that I apologize. Yes, you are right..Julianne does have bigger and better things going on right now....I really like her, wish her the best...there was no other partner they could have paired her with this year that would have been up to par with Helio anyway.
As far as Priscilla...I agree to a point, her face is a little messed up...but it has been all over the gossip sites that it is due to an unlicensed plastic surgeon, that injected her with something other than botox....her and quite a few other Hollywood women..sad really....she should have just grew old gracefully. I agree about Kristi Yamuguchi....totally unfair advantage..but, I felt that way about Sabrina Ryan last season...guess we will just have to wait and see what happens....Kristi could get sent home, you just never know..up to the people to vote.

Linda...I agree. I too will miss seeing Julianne..she is very talented, as Miss stated, she is moving on to bigger and better things, recording an album,, all the best to her. We still have her cute brother Derek to watch.
I think Priscillas fan base will keep her in a while longer, I agree..Marissa will be the next to go. The children were too cute, but they should not have sent one of them home, they should have allowed them both to come back and dance, or not at all...hope that doesn't hurt the losing kids self esteem any.