Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol...Top Eight Peform...Recap....

Last night, the top eight performed on American Idol. It was inspiration night...some did well, some did not. I was a little let down, guess you could say...not very inspired by a single performance from last night. It seemed like to me, everyone was off last night, judges included. For once, seemed like Randy was more critical with everyone than Simon.

Let's recap:

First up, Michael Johns...singing "Dream On"....

I felt it was just a so-so performance. Definitely not as good as last week. Wasn't too memorable for me.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Randy~There were some pitch problems. It was a good song choice was just alright for me.

Paula~I disagree. It was a perfect song. You sound as good as you look. fit you perfectly.

Simon~That was a very good performance. I don't like when you try and do an impersonation of a rock star..prefer the bluesy was kind of wanna be'ish...

I gave Michael three out of five stars....although, I can agree with Paula on one thing, he looked good.

Second..Syesha Mercado...singing "I Believe"....

I can't beleive after her Dolly/Whitney mix last week...she would choose a Fantasia song for her inspirational song...what was she thinking? I didn't care for it at all...but, I was never a fan of Fantasia either...

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~It was just ok, I felt no connection...

Paula~Not too many people can take on those types of songs. I think you made it your own. One of your most shining nights.

Simon~You sang it well..but it lacked the emotion Fantasia gave to it.

I gave her three out of five stars.

Jason Castro...singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"...

Who does he think he is, Tiny Tim? What was up with the ukele? Seriously..I thought it was kind of lame....I disagreed with the judges, I think Jason just put himself in the bottom three, if not...the one sent home.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~Dude..Jason is back in the hunt. That was hot.

Paula~You have the most definitive sound. You did a great job.

Simon~That was fantastic.

I gave him three out of five stars...only because it took guts to get up there, sing such a pansy song with a ukele...give me a break.

Kristy Lee Cook...singing Martina McBride's "Anyway"...

I thought this was the best Kristy has ever, ever done....she looked fabulous, she sang terrifically....a few pitch problems...but last nights performance very well may have saved her for another week. I think she is getting better every week. Country music is definitely her calling.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~Little pitchy, here and there..but really good.

Paula~You outdid yourself. That was your best performance by far.

Simon~Very good indeed. You look like a star!

I gave her five out of five by far~

David Cook...sang "Innocent"...

I was truly let down by his performance last night...what was up with that? He was all over the place with that song, he came across as very angry to me..I didn't like it very well. He definitely was not as good last night as in the past. I would say that was the worst one yet for David.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~Not sure if this was one of your strongest...I didn't get it.

Paula~You are the whole are it.

Simon~I didn't like it very all. I don't like the jacket....remember what we look for..originality and choice of was not anywhere as good as the last two weeks.

I have to agree...I gave him three out of five stars...and, I did like the jacket.

Carly Smithson, let Queen inspire her song choice, with "The Show Must Go On"...

I thought she was a little pitchy/yelly while singing this song. She is not one of my favorites..just can not get into her...It was just ok for me.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Randy~It started out ok..little pitchy in the was just ok for me...didn't hit the mark.

Paula~Your voice is pretty perfect, but I didn't feel the connection.

Simon~You look good. I thought it was an unusual choice of song and you oversang it. You lost control of it. It was an angry performance.

I gave her three out of five stars.

Then..we have baby David Archuletta...singing "Angels"...

He chose to play the piano while he sang, I must say, his performance, out of all the guys, was the best by usual.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Randy~That is the David that I love....especially when you stopped and did those runs...crazy hot....loved it!

Paula~(After a bunch of girls in the audience yelled out "We love you David")...That sums it up for me...fantastic!

Simon~That was the best song choice..a little nasally, but I am nit are definitely sailing through to the next round.

I give him five out of five stars.

Brooke White...singing "You've Got A Friend"...

Brooke disappointed me last night...she has amazing vocals, I felt she did not utilize them with this song "WOW" factor for me...

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~Not your best..just ok...alright.

Paula~That was my favorite song growing up. You are definitive. I love you. It was a perfect way to close the evening.

Simon~That was like a pleasant walk in the park, wasn't it? It was nice...just not original.

I gave her four out of five stars.

Well...that's it folks...

I was surprised with Kristy's performance....I think she will still be in the bottom three...but, I don't believe she will be going home....

My bottom three choices are...Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro...

With..Syesha going home.

What are your thoughts about last nights performances and song choices and who do you think is going home tonight?

Don't forget, that tonight starts Idol Gives Back..and the stars making an appearance are...

Robin Williams
Celine Dion
Forrest Whitaker
Billy Crystal
Dane Cook
Keifer Sutherland
Vanessa Hudgens
Ashley Tisdale
Jennifer Connelly
Elliot Yamin
Amy Adams
Brad Pitt
Reese Witherspoon
Miley Cyrus
Mariah Carey
Eli and Peyton Manning
Chris Daughtry
Carrie Underwood
Annie Lennox
John Legend
Snoop Dogg
Maroon 5
Gloria Estefan

Wow...what a line up of fabulous stars...I can't, tune in tonight, starting at 7:30 p.m....(my time-not sure when it will be for your area, so check your listings)...for Idol Gives Back and the vote off.



Lori said...

Alright, here are my thoughts:
Michael Johns- ok, but he's no Steven Tyler. He couldn't get those high notes.
Syesha- Can't stand her. she thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. Not a Fantasia fan either. Did you see how Syesha was almost arguing w/ Randy. She's too full of herself!
Jason Castro- I'm not a fan of his, but I loved it last night. I LOVE that version of the song. Love, love it. So I really liked his performance.
Kristy Lee Cook- good for her, but I just don't love her. She just doesn't have the IT factor.
David Cook- I love him, but hated the song. Hated it.
Carly- I love her, but didn't like this song. It just sounded like she couldn't get all the notes and that she was struggling.
David Archuletta- Don't like this kid. He definitely won't go anywhere if he wins. But, his performance was good.
Brooke White- I really like her too. I think she's a lot like Diana Krall. I liked this performance but didn't think it was great.
I have a feeling Syesha is going home, which would make me very happy!

.:| Melissa |:. said...

My thoughts:

Michael Johns: He was just ok. He's good looking and all, but he doesn't have that "IT" thing in my book.

Syesha Mercado: I liked it. I like her. I think she was one of the best last night. I loved Fantasia when she was on AI, but since then, not so much. I'm not all into the "my baby daddy" crap that she's singing now.

Jason Castro: WTF was that? I don't care for him. Like I said last week, I think he's gone this week. (I hope anyway)

Kristy Cook: Near the end of Jason's performance, my mother called me and asked me WTF is that?? (Jason) While going on about him, Kristy came on so I only half heard her, but could tell that it was one of her best performances, if not her best. I think she's going to be safe this week, though she may still be in the bottom three.

David Cook: His singing this week. SUCKED. WTF was that song anyway? I think Simon was right when he said "Pompous". That's how he comes across to me too. Always has. Like he thinks he's ALL that tied up in a bow. I don't like him. I never have. I think most times he sings pretty decent, but I just don't like him. His appearance makes me want to gag. He looks like he's not bathed/showered in a month, and has the appearance of a stinky bum. Makes my stomach turn.

Carly Smithson: It took me a few weeks, but I like her. Last nights performance wasn't that good though. She did seem VERY angry when singing, though she always looks a tad on the angry side when she sings.

David Archuletta: He did good, as usual. He just might win this thing, but I don't feel he's mature enough for the music business, just yet. I think they'd eat him up alive!

Brooke White: It was just OK for me. I really like her though. I think she might be in the bottom three though.

By the way, the vote off is on Thursday, this week, Dixie Chick.
That's what Ryan said last night, anyway.

Motor City Monk said...

Worst week ever for performances over all. I have to disagree with you in that Jason Castro's performance of Over the Rainbow was probably the only one that didn't suck. I agree that Syesha will probably be going home.


Lori..totally agree with you on Syesha...I think she will be next to go home. I am not a big fan of Jason, I have gotten some flack, because I didn't care for his performance..but everyone is entitled to their opinion...I am just not a fan. As far as the rest, I totally agree with you.

Melissa...we do agree on Jason....thats for sure.

Monk...don't get me wrong, he just isn't my, I don't get into anything he does. Say goodbye to Syesha!