Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No time...No time.....The hands headed to five...oh, my..oh, my...oh, my!

Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!

As said by the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland...and describes my day to a tee....I am so far behind with work stuff, I am sorry...but there will be no dancing here today...no time my friends, no time.

I am swamped....the pile on my desk just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

But..because I love you...all five of my faithful readers...I wanted to say I am sorry about the no Dancing With The Stars post today.....just time for my opinion of who will be voted off tonight.

I think Adam will be going home tonight. That's right....Adam Corolla people....will be riding his unicycle off the dance floor.

Hope you all are having a less hectic, more relaxing day than I am...



Ellinghouse said...

Dixie -
you are doing such a good job, the best you can. Life will get easier, it just has to!

the planet of janet said...

sheesh, i go away for the weekend and it takes me two days to even THINK about catching up.


the day needs a few more hours in it, yes?

Meg said...

Oh sweetie, I swear my last TWO days have been from HELL...what can I do? Send you a hug? A Margarita?

Nap Warden said...

Oh Chicky...I hope things slow down. We'll catch up tom. I hope Adam C. goes home!

Bradley's Mom said...

Sorry you are so swamped.

I hope you get a break soon!!!

I hope Adam goes home too, although I will sure miss Julianne. She is so adorable.

If he doesn't get sent home, I don't have a clue as to who it might be. They are kind of all clumped together this season!


Anonymous said...

No Idol post either???? Oh wait maybe that's Wednesday!! I'm watching the show right now...I can't get into Dancing this year...I will try to catch Ms. Presley at some point tho.

Fantastagirl said...

That's me - running around trying to catch up.

sandy said...

who left idol??and Dancing must look it up.. Anyhow.how's that bikini bod coming ??sk


Emily..yeah, you are right..just doesn't seem that way right now...I can't wait to take some time off.

Janet..yes, my friend..never enought time in the day...I hear ya.

Meg..hugs are appreciated...I am a Huggy person..but that Margarita...would forever indebt me to you...lol...just not very diet friendly....so, I can only think about it, long for it....maybe I will treat myself to one this weekend.

Nap...me too...hey, looks like we got our wish. Although, I will miss Julianne, Adam was starting to get on my nerves.

Linda...they just hired the new guy today, so hopefully things will start looking up...Well, Adam went home...I too will miss little Julianne....she was great!~

Flat...it's coming..the Idol post that is....hope you enjoyed last nights show...next week, try to tune in for Priscilla...she is doing a great job!

Fantastagirl...never ending, isn't it?

Sandy..think Syesha will be gone tonight...Adam Corrolla left Dancing....the bikini bod..well, I have lost 16 lbs...I would like to lose 10 more, but would be happy with five....then, I have to tone..so, gym membership, here I come.