Monday, April 7, 2008

What the Hell?????

Here is our weather for the upcoming week...take a look at Friday and Saturday....snow showers...with a high in the low 40' gotta be kidding me?

Only in freaking Indiana!

Apr 07 Partly Cloudy 43° 20 %
Apr 08 PM T-Showers 65°/49° 70 %
Apr 09 AM Clouds / PM Sun 53°/41° 20 %
Apr 10 Rain 54°/49° 70 %
Apr 11 Showers 53°/37° 40 %
Apr 12 Rain / Snow Showers 42°/34° 30 %
Apr 13 Rain / Snow Showers 47°/31° 30 %
Apr 14 Rain / Snow Showers 46°/38° 30 %
Apr 15 Showers 56°/41° 60 %
Apr 16 Mostly Cloudy 61°/48° 10 %


Big Pissy said...

Good grief!!!!

A Novelist said...

I know! It's supposed to be spring here too but we're having cold, blustery days and rainy weekends! At least we're not having snow...yet! ;)

Daphne said...

that's crazy!!

Toni said...

No! It is 70 and beautiful here! Your weather is likely head towards me- ugh!

Sicilian said...

Dix. . . I love Tejas because I haven't worn a coat to work for a month. . .. the air conditioner at work is always cooler than it is outside. .. . it was 84 today when I left work.
So sorry for your wintery cool weather.

kacey said...

We got taunted with some gorgeous, sunny warm we're scheduled for days and days of rain and cold weather! I'm so over that.

Daddy Forever said...

We're getting strange weather too. Spring came, then it snowed a little, and now it's suppose to reach 70 this weekend. Weird.


Pissy..I know...ready to pack up and move south again.

Novelist...great to see you around again..missed chatting with you. I am sure it is a lot colder there, than here..hope they are wrong about the snow...they are killing me with these weather reports....

Daphne...can I come visit you????

Toni..rub it in chickie...rub it in...hopefully it stays nice for you though. are killing me....on second thought, can I come visit you?

Kacey...mother nature is playing us, isn't she? I am not too happy with her right now....

Daddio..I don't understand this weather either..what is going on? I don't ever remember spring taking so long to finally make a final appearance.