Monday, August 25, 2008

What a I have a sick kid.....ain't life grand?

I didn't think this day could get any worse...but, I come home to find my eight year old running a fever, lathargic, lying on the chaise...not wanting to eat, etc...etc....This is a kid that takes a pill every night for ADHD, but can not swallow liquid medication to save his it off...he won't chew Junior strength chewables,knowing I had to get his fever down, or end up in the E.R. before the nights out, I poured a couple teaspoons of kids Tylenol fever into a medicine cup, grabbed a couple of strawberries, and approached him to try and get it down him...between a bite of strawberry then a teeny tiny little "lick" of medicine, this process was taking teaspoon down, with one left to go...the worse possible thing happened....I am sitting at the front of the chaise, telling him, "just don't think about it...just take it quickly" when he threw up...."IN MY FACE!!! HE HURLED ALL OVER ME!!!!" I have dealt with many things being a Mom...I have cleaned up my fair share of puke, pee and poop....but to have someone your face....there are no words...I love the little guy, I hate that he is sick...but, this day? Is truly one for the record books.....Once again, Can I have a do over?


Daphne said...

so sorry to hear your little guy is sick!! And if it were me, I probably would have hurled right back, lol.

dkuroiwa said...

Oh!! You poor thing!! You win the "crappy day" award!! ewwwwww!!
and yeah, I'm a "pity puker" myself, I would have hurled big time!!
Get everything cleaned up...brush your teeth a few times and get yourself a strong drink, 'cause, honey, you deserve it!!!

i beati said...

ah can't wait to go home and relax wait get spewed on??wow that is a blackevening sk

Ann(ie) said...

ug. Do Monday's suck or DO MONDAY'S suck???? How's he feeling?

Sheila said...

I would have died and puked. Next time use fever all suppositories.

Sicilian said...

I think I would have puked too, and I think Shelia may be on to something. I'll bet if you explained to him what you had to do with a suppository. . ... well I'll bet he'll swallow anything.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I've had a patient puke ON ME but not in my face. I just don't think I could handle that. Poor fella, hope he gets well soon. It's too early in the school year for sickness!!

DIXIECHICK said... takes a lot to gross me out, but that was pretty much the worse ever!

I beati...relax? Are you kidding?

Ann...for realz...I hate Mondays...he is doing better today though..thanks!

Shiela...luckily, the doctor gave the ok for 325 mg of pill form.

Sicilian..I have used suppositories before, I just can't find them for kids above the infancy time I do see them for junior strength, I will stock up.

Flat...I know...must be something going boss called in this morning, we have had three techs out from work this week too. I hate sickness!

i beati said...

make sure you do something special for yourself every day even if its just a wals or talk with someone great who pumps you up. Gather that in your heart and tll the rest of the world to f off and when it gets rogh, think of that sunshiny place all your