Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still Sickly.....

The little guy is still sick....I had to leave work early yesterday, go pick him up from school...he was running a 103.1 temperature...I felt like such a shitty Mom....I should have not sent him to my defense, he was not running a temperature when he got up yesterday. But, I guess he was in gym class, the running around made him sick, then he was sent to the nurses office...she called me to come get him. Then I got chastised by her for sending him to school when he was running a temperature the night before.....just give me Mother of the year.....

Of course, having to leave work early was not good for me....but, what are you going to do? I know they were not happy with me, as I have asked for Friday off, to have myself a wonderful 4 day weekend....but, they can get over it...My baby needed me!

Anyway...Because of the high temp..and the fact that his throat was swollen, very red, with little bumps on it...I took him to his pediatrician...well, not actually his pediatrician..her partner.....his wonderful doctor was booked solid...I didn't care to much for her partner..but, I was just grateful she fit Aaron in with such short notice. After we left the school, before we left for the Doctor...I forced Aaron to take 2 childrens chewable/meltable acetemetaphine was awful...he cried the whole time...I had to cut each one into about eight pieces, just to get him to swallow some with water, like a pill...this kids aversion to medicine is absolutely the time we reached the doctors' Aarons temp was down to 101...the doc did a throat culture to check for strep...but, it came back negative..thank goodness. She determined Aaron to just have a virul infection, go home, drink fluids, etc..etc....She did recommend something absolutely wonderful to bring his fever down. 325 mg tablets of acetemetaphine....which he could take one every four hours....we went to the pharmacy at Marsh...because they don't put it out over the counter...most are 500 mg or more....that was too much...luckily, the pharmacist found some behind the counter....I dosed Aaron up, put him to bed when he got home, he is doing much better this morning. He should be able to go back to school tomorrow....

I just hope Max, the five year old..doesn't get it. I tried to keep them seperated and Lysoled down my house, but he probably will. Send good thoughts my way that he doesn't.

Happy Hump day everyone!


Daphne said...

I'm so sorry he is still sick! I will keep you guys in my thoughts & prayers!

As for the passing it to other siblings, I'm lucky to have 2 living rooms. When one gets sick, they are put on "couch rest" They get their meals there, sleep there, have television. And the other isn't allowed in the room.
It seems to work for us!

Hope he feels better soon!!!

Sicilian said...

Dix. . . wash your hands when you are dealing with both kids and all the food stuff. Bleach in a squirt bottle with water is a total germ killer.
The quick steps can be inaccurate. She probably ran the overnight test. You might ask the nurse tomorrow if you don't think he is improving.
Strep is not good. I had a kid get it all the time.

i beati said...

strep is such a serious and sore infection . hope he's well sooon.