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Dancing With The Stars....Week 2

So...Week 2 and the Stars have already danced one of the more intense of the dances...

The Paso and the Rumba.....

Last week, Premiere week, was totally outrageous....We lost Jeffrey Ross and Ted McGinley....

Also, Last week, the Stars had 5 weeks to train for their dances....this week, they only had 4 days! 4 days to perform the most theatrical dances of the competiton....which totally surprised me. They are truly mixing things up this season.

So...let's recap last nights episode...

First up, Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo...

They danced the Rumba, to "I Can't Make You Love Me"....

Here are what the judges had to say:

Len~ Was surprised how good of a perfomance it actually was...he joked that the dancing was much better than Alec's Karaoke bar singing. He did say their dance lacked fluidity, but overall it was good.

Bruno~ Said they captured the sensuality of the dance-Toni was like a mistress that gave a little, but not too much. He did advise them to be careful of the transistions.

Carrie Ann~ She told Toni that she moves like she sings. Very passionate. She did advise them to watch out for the lifts...(We all know Carrie Ann is the "lift police")....there were 2 lifts during their dance...need to focus on keeping her feet on the ground.

Resulting score: 23 for the night (Which ended up being the second highest score of the night).

I thought that Toni and Alec had great chemistry together and danced well.

The couple that most impressed the judges last week, came out being the early leaders for this season, Brooke Burke and Derek Hough followed Toni and Alec. They have set the bar high....and the pressure is on!

They danced the Paso Doble, which is a very agressive, very controlled dance and it requires deep intensity.

Here are the judges thoughts on their performance:

Carrie Ann~ You mesmerized me...your lines were gorgeous, but you were a little off balance.

Len~ You portrayed the aggression well, very controlled. Although, there was a little too much messing about.

Bruno~ Timing was unbelievable and you kept up well.

They tied at the top with a score of 24...I thought they did a fantastic job and felt their dance was totally hot, hot, hot!!!!
Although, during their interview with Samantha...I was just waiting for Brooke's boob to pop out, it was almost in the danger zone....talk about a top too small for the boobs...Wow! and Yes, I am totally jealous. LOL...

The third couple to dance last night, our handsome celebrity chef, Rocco Despirito and Karina Smirnoff....dancing the Rumba...to Lou Rawls, "You'll Never Find"....

Unfortunately, the only passion Rocco can stir up is with his cooking...terrible, terrible performance. Although, the apron/waiter image was kind of cute, and I absolutely loved Karinas dress...totally something I would wear.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Bruno~ Looks like the Stallion has run out of juice! Your hip action was poor...just didn't happen.

Carrie Ann~ You have passion, but you lack musicality...nice try.

Len~It was more tears than cheers. Just wasn't "tasty"....

They ended with a score of 16.

Next up, our non traditional entertaining dancers...Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer...

They danced the Paso Doble, to Kate Perry's hit song, "I kissed a girl"....

It was most definitely a non traditional Paso...much to Len's chagrin...he is the epitome of keeping dances within their traditional parameters..

Here is what the judges had to say:

Len~ (He was mad!)He blatantly said, "I did not like it!!"

Carrie Ann~ I love that you take risks...it was witty, but through me off at the end....the beginning choreography was unnecessary.

Bruno~You were thrilling to watch, but you have to keep the style of the Paso Doble...you went completely hip-hop.

Their score...20.

Personally...I loved it. I like their edginess. Although they through me with the kiss at the end. I hope Lance's boyfriend didn't mind it! LOL...

Last week, Kim Kardashian definitley didn't have back,there was no sizzle with last weeks Mambo, so this week, she needed to focus on bringing her game back.

Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas were up next, dancing the Rumba....

They tried to make their Rumba romantic...but, Kim inadvertantly left romance behind the curtian...she just wasn't projecting it. I don't believe she is giving anything to this competition, for the life of me...Why in the heck is she still here?????

Here are what the judges had to say:

Bruno~ That was "colder than Siberia"...you have to grab the character and sell it!

Len~ I am disappointed. You have potential, but that was cold. You need to have chemistry when dancing the Rumba...more hip action!

Carrie Ann~ I feel like I have seen the same dance three times. You are appealing, but you need to watch the tape of yourself. You have to figure out a way to bring more to the dance floor.

Final score...17.

Kim definitely needs to put her rear into gear!

The sixth couple to hit the dance floor...Misty May Treanor and Maksim Chemerkovsky...
Dancing the Paso Doble.

Max really did push Misty May hard this week, with the choreography for this dance. I felt bad for her, while during practice, she admitted, as tough as she is, she wanted to cry!
I thought that their outfits were very similar to Mel B's dance with Maxim last season. At one point during their dance, they did do an incredible flip...even my 5 year old, Max said, "Wow, I didn't see that coming"!

Here are what the judges had to say about their Paso...

Carrie Ann~ You showed us energy, determination, ambition..you definitely stepped up your game...just need to work on your shoulders.

Bruno~ You are like Xena...Warrior Princess!!! I love your energy! You do need to work on light/shade, forget finesse and work on your lines.

Len~ Loved the aggression....felt it was great choreography...you were focused, but you need to work on connecting with each other.

Their score...21.

Following Misty May and Max....dancing the Rumba...we had Maurice Green and Cheryl Burke...

Here are what the judges had to say:

Len~You talk the talk, but you didn't dance the dance. It was rough, lacked finesse. Overall, not bad.

Carrie Ann~I didn't see the energy. The choreography seemed to hold you back...it was a little too stiff.

Bruno~ Mr. Smooth and sneaky turned into Mr. Rough and Clanky.
Need to smooth it out, isolate your hips.

Overall...score of 19.

I felt they did ok..but, like the judges said, it did seem kind of Robotic.

Next up..funny granny, Cloris Leachman and her poor partner, Corky Ballas....dancing the Paso Doble....

Cloris has definitely turned the ballroom upside down....she has put her comedic talent over her dancing, which has caused her to remain at the bottom of the leader board.
This week, Cloris was a little more serious...(maybe someone gave her a talking to, about straightening up/flying right, or she was going to be booted off), in her mannerisms and her dress...I thought they did an ok job, and I really liked the way Corky worked that cape!

Here are what the judges had to say:

Bruno~That was surreal...like you were Gloria Swanson, trying to be Ava Gardner.

Len~ Music choice was lovely and traditional...Sole spins were excellent.

Carrie Ann~ I hope when I'm 82, that I'm half the woman you are.

They received a score of 15..the lowest of the night.

At least this time, Cloris didn't cuss anyone out...lol.

Ninth to dance last night....my hubby's favorite t.v. crush...Susan Lucci dancing with partner Tony Dovolani....thier dance....the Rumba....to the song, "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer (love that song)....

I have never been a big fan of All My Children...in fact, I have never watched one episode...but I must say, for 62 years old, Susan Lucci has got it going on! She is one hot Old lady!
The Rumba is an actors dance, I must say Susan and Tony definitely acted the part.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Carrie Ann~ That was really nice...you transported us to another world...very smooth and elegant...nice chest, Tony!

Len~Why must you expose yourself Tony (referring to Tony's bare chest)...it was good, you acted the dance. As Tom Bergeron said, Len was just jealous referring to Tony's chest...as Tom said, "Last time Len had a six pack, it came with a bottle opener"....lol.

Bruno~ Very good Rumba, Well done...You went from Virgin queen to Dance Cougar.

There final score 21....

Tenth couple to take to the dance floor....and I think my favorite pick to win....
Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson...

Last week, Warren and Kym did a great Cha-Cha and their Quickstep was a ton of fun.

This week, they danced the Paso Doble....It was aggressive, intense and challenging, and I loved it!!!! Their costumes and choreography made them look very "Matrix"...

Here are what the judges had to say about their performance:

Len~ You looked good! Lovely, dark and menacing...very intense. Excellent!!

Carrie Ann~ Gave that Matrix vibe...very bold, like a Lamborghini on the Freeway!

Bruno~ The way you moved your feet was fabulous! Amazing for a guy of your size.

Their score....24...tying for the top score of the evening.

Last couple to dance...our reining professional champion...Julianne Hough with her little boy toy partner Cody Linley...dancing the Rumba...

Julianne kept it innocent and age appropriate...Cody does need to focus a little more, or he may soon be out the door...Poor Julianne, paired with Adam Corrolla last season, this inexpierenced little boy this season.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Bruno~ You are like a kid in a candy store....looking at the mouth watering merchandise...you must learn control.

Len~ For me, it lacked polish and finesse....but, you were a boy on fire. Well Done!

Carrie Ann~ That was age appropriate..innocent...you are off to a great start!

Their score...21...not great, but not bad.

So, there you have it...my first Dancing With The Stars recap for this season...

Tonight, tune in to see who is getting the boot!

I think it will be Cloris....who do you think is going home tonight?

Until tomorrow...Dixiechick...out!

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