Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dancing With the Stars...Who was eliminated last night?

Well, Baby's back...won't be back no more....
Reality t.v. star....Kim the boot to her big ol' bootie last night.

Ten stars now remain, next week...they will be tackling the Jive or the Vienesse Waltz...should be interesting.

My prediction was that Cloris would be going home...but, my strong second choice was Kim...which probably means Cloris better up her game with her Jive or Vienesse Waltz next week, or she will be cussing her way off the show.

Now, for your thoughts...

Was it really Kim's time to go?
Do you think it should have been Cloris or Rocco?

Tune in next Monday....for Dancing with the stars....Week 3.....



Anonymous said...

I think Kim should have been shakin her tail feathers a little more but she didn't deserve to go home just yet.

Anonymous said...

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Ann(ie) said...

I agree. Kim need to move that booty and go for broke!!!!