Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Four days off....I could use four more!

I am suffering from a bout of insomnia....so, I don't have a lot to say. Except to say thanks to all of the wonderful comments I received from my last post. You guys are awesome and it does my heart good to know so many of you care...that so many of you really are terrific friends.....I will try and find time today to answer each of your comments individually.

I have had four great days off, but...for some reason last night...I could not sleep. I was awake all night. I would doze off, but never for more than ten or fifteen minutes..then I would lie awake for hours....I am exhausted. Looks like a coffee and red bull induced haze for me today. I have a birthday coming up this Sunday, so hubby went and bought me a gym membership. I worked out Saturday and Sunday, took yesterday off because I was so sore I could barely walk. My plan is to go work out after work today...not sure if I am going to make it though...I can barely stay awake. I wanted to call in, take a sleeping pill and go back to bed this morning...but, after having four days off, I knew I would be in deep doo-doo if I did....so, here I sit....this will not be a very productive day, of that I am sure.

Three more days until Friday....yay!


Big Pissy said...

Ugh! I HATE nights like that...especially when you have to go to work the next day.

Hope you're getting some rest. :)

Yea! on the gym membership: you'll have fun, meet new people and continue to look great!

Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought this am was "only 3 more days to get up early!!" I hope you can sleep better tonight. Maybe a hot bath right before you go to sleep?

Speaking of coffee, have you tried the creme brulee liquid creamer? Oh! to die for!!!

I miss the gym since we moved. We are about 8 miles from the gym now, I have a treadmill at home so it would be silly to drive 16 miles to get on a treadmill. ha ha


Pissy..yeah, it sucks...I tossed and turned and watched the clock...I ended up leaving work early, going home and going to bed...I am having fun at the gym...sore as hell, but having fun.

Flat...I count the days every morning...in fact, when I get the kiddos up out of bed, I tell them, like this morning, "Only one more day after today, then you get two days off"...lol..I wish I could take a hot bath..but, we don't have a bathtub...we live in a teeny tiny house, our bathroom only has a shower...sucks! I have slept good the last two nights though. I love me some coffee, so I am definitely going to pick up some of that creamer at Wally World tonight. I am so enjoying the gym..I just wished I had a girlfriend to go work out with me...people haven't been overly friendly at the gym I started going to...but, I am sure if I give it time, that will change. I do about three miles, running/walking on the treadmill, then I do the bike for 10 miles and the eliptical(sp?), then I have started doing some weights....but, like I told Pissy, I am sore as hell!

Jim said...

Hey DC, Happy Birthday for Sunday!
That's in case I don't get back by then. :-)
You have been on the down hill slope to worse places since I was here last.
I am sorry to hear these things, maybe things are lifting up since you got that present from H.
Is there an ideal marriage? I doubt it, ours is OK since we each put up with the other, just barely.
I hope the kids get better fast too. And that the 18-yr-old gets to thinking more about Mom. At that age they get pretty awful touchy sometimes.
Lastly I've been praying about your job situation, I will pray for your everything and you all now! :-)

Sicilian said...

I am sorry you are not sleeping well. . . . sometimes depression will do that. . . . sometimes it is just worries. . . . and sometimes sleep is elusive just because. . . . Hoping for a great birthday. . . . meeting new friends at the gym. . . . and the realization that it is all about taking care of you so you can be the caretaker of your family.

i beati said...

apprehension maybe