Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is me...buried, beneath my desk!

I have a fabulous dancing with the stars recap...but, no time to write it and post it. I am so sorry...but, as I stated last week, I am swamped at work and I don't see the light shining any time soon. Seriously, my desk looks just like the woman in the photo above. If I had my camera, I would take a picture and show it...it is so bad!

My stress level is super duper high....I don't have time to write this post..but, I figured I better put something up....my apologies to my DWTS fan's.....it takes me at least an hour to put up a recap....and I just don't have time.

My predictions for DWTS tonight? Cloris..she has to go...she is just too looney, can't dance and you can only be so funny. Sad to see Misty May out though...do you think they will bring Kim Kardashian back? Rumor has it, they very well may...

Tune in for the results show tonight...depending on which coast you are on...the times vary, so make sure to check your local listings...some channels are airing it before the presedential debate (or whatever is taking place tonight) and some are doing it after.

Bye-Bye Cloris!


Steph said...

ugh. I feel like that picture. yet... I am choosing to ignore it:)bad stephanie, bad

Anonymous said...

Can you believe dude pulled her wig off?? LOL She was rolled around on the floor like a rag doll...not a dancing queen!!

I hope KK comes back on the show. I miss that booty!! I watched the Kardashian marathon this weekend. SO jealous of her!!

Anonymous said...

Please help pass on my t-shirt idea!