Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday 13......

13 Interesting Christmas Facts.....

~The Christmas tree was first introduced by Queen Victoria in 1846.

~Electric lights Christmas trees were first used in 1895.

~The movie "It's a Wonderful Life" appears on TV more often than any other holiday movie.

~ The song "Jingle Bells" was first written for Thanksgiving but become popular around Christmas time.

~You would receive a total of 364 presents if you were to receive every gift listed on the "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song.

~Candy canes were originally white straight sticks of sugar used to decorate a tree.

~In the United States alone, Visa cards are used an average of 5,500 a minute during the holiday season.

~Each year over 3 billion Christmas cards are sent out in the United States.

~Although many believe the Friday after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year, it is not. It is the fifth to tenth busiest day. The Friday and Saturday before Christmas are the two busiest shopping days of the year.

~Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as an official holiday and the tradition began in 1836.

~One town in Indiana is called Santa Claus. There is also a Santa, Idaho. (I know the one in Indiana is real. Been there. They have an amusement park called Holiday World, where you will find Santa every day of the year...Oops, I stand corrected...Santa is only at Holiday World during the season the amusement park is open, from May until October ).

~"Jingle Bells" was originally written for a Thanksgiving celebration in 1857.

~ The average American takes six months to pay off the holiday credit card bills. (Just in time to start all over again!!)

What interesting facts about Christmas do you know?


Paula Werne, Holiday World PR said...

Actually, Holiday World is open May through October (then Santa heads back to the North Pole!).

Thanks for the mention -- and Merry Christmas!


Paula...I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out to me.