Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling a little flustered.....

Wow...I have really sucked at posting lately...don't even mention my reading any of my favorite blogs....thus far, 2009 as sucked ass....so, needless to say, I have been feeling a little bewildered and flustered.

I am having IRS problems, which have delayed my tax refund....fortunately, that has been taken care of, due to an ERROR that was not my fault!

Work is horrific right now...I may be wrote up today. I made a data entry error on a customers account...from last year, so the company may have to write off debt of around $400 from his account. I didn't sleep a wink last night, worrying about it. The office manager is one of my close friends, at least I thought she was....she is pissed, to say the least! She is like the Accounts Receivable Nazi.....God love her! I know that's her job, and when we screw up, it affects her and her job.

I wrecked my car....my front in of my little Saturn is smashed in....I won't go into details, but it's probably close to a $1000 bucks worth of damage...I did this Sunday, on my 2nd childs birthday. He turned 15 on Sunday.We were on our way to his birthday lunch. I feel guilty, I didn't make an elaborate birthday post for him on this blog. I did last year. We did celebrate though....he got an IPOD touch from his father for Christmas, so I bought him an Itunes card and a carrier/case that straps onto his arm, so he can use it when working out for football. He seemed pleased...

Speaking of working out, I haven't been going to the gym nearly enough...my goal for the New Year was to go 4 times a week...I have been averaging 2 times a week.
I suck! I did go last night and I am paying for it today. I am so sore...on top of that, I haven't slept any for two nights now...and Sicilian, I did try some Chamomile tea, 2 cups last night, and it didn't work for me....Wine works for me....lol.

But, I am trying not to drink any wine during the week...bad habits could form, and I don't want to go there...so, I have to save my imbibing for the weekend.

Oh, and cheesecake....that would help a lot too...but, thanks to the desire to stay skinny...I haven't ate cheesecake in a year....maybe I need too.

Oh, well...wish me luck with the work issue....hopefully I can find a loop hole somewhere and resolve the situation to every one's satisfaction...I doubt it..but, a girl can dream right?


We did celebrate


Raquel said...

I can totally relate Dixie!!! I have fallen into the sinkhole of life as well, with all my New Year's resolutions going out the window. I'm glad you weren't hurt in your accident... and I hope things get better from here on out! xo

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need some "Girl Time"!!!! We've got lots to catch up on... :-) C.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you weren't injured in your car accident. THANK GOD!!

I really hope the work situation works out. I've gotten written up before (not checking a patients arm band before performing a procedure). It's not a good feeling but it makes you SO conscious to never make that mistake again. Learn from your mistake, don't beat yourself up over it. You're a GOOD EMPLOYEE and don't tell yourself otherwise.

I want an ipod touch SOOO bad!!


Raquel...thanks sweetie. No, I wasn't hurt, just a little fender bender, that's all...smashed in the front grill, knocked the bumper askew..that's all...did absolutely nothing to the other drivers truck. Go figure, huh? Hope you have a great weekend.

Carm...definitely, honey. If you can break away from your guy and kid, and I can break away from mine, I would love to have a girls night out, don't get hardly any of those since you moved away on me.

Flat...yeah, me too! Thanks.
As far as work goes, I did not get wrote up...I came up with another solution, the customer paid, all is well...now, there are other issues....I got into it with Mr. Burns again yesterday..in a loud heated arguement that got us both called into the main managers office. I cried at work, a lot yesterday...I hate this place so much! As far as my resolutions for this year goes, finding another job is at the top of my list. The IPOD touch is so cool! I am so jealous that my two older boys both have one and I don't...I think when I get my tax refund, I am going to splurge and get me one! Hope you have a terrific weekend!

i beati said...

I thought of you the night of the super bowlheard Jennifer Hudson sing- Tell me again why that girl did not win A. I. -- Are - you watching?