Friday, January 30, 2009

My Tarot Reading today....Makes a girl go MMMmmhhhh???????

The atmosphere is hot and fiery today in the romantic sphere, dear donna, much too hot for your taste! For you, who aspire towards clarity of feelings, it is even more difficult under the auspices of Justice, to understand the wild passions that have taken a grip on the people you're emotionally close to. The Devil is sweeping everyone off their feet today. That means that serenity, calm and quiet reflection are out of the window! Instead you'll need to cope with plenty of aggression and very possessive feelings. You'll need to overcome the traps that passion sets up. At work, the combination of the Moon and the Devil indicates that you have tremendous creative ability, but that a colleague or rival is trying to control you, and maybe even to steal the results of your work. If you have a good idea, don't let someone else take the credit! If you don't lay claim to your own talents, someone else will!


Sicilian said...

I think it was my reading :)

Jim said...

Well, DC, you have been having a bad week! Here's for a better one next.
Will you have a glass of wine tonight with the ball game? We got to the store too early this morning and remembered they don't sell alcohol before noon on Sundays.
So Mrs. Jim agreed to have a glass of beer. That goes better with football anyway. Ours is Shiner Lite (a Texas beer).


Sicilian....too funny, huh?

Jim....hopefully, it will get better...trying to "keep my chin up"...Yes, I did have several glasses of wine...we were at a bar a friend of ours owns, and one of the new people we met, just happened to be from Dallas and she was drinking Shiner