Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ajooja....where are you??

Ok...Ajooja has made his blog private, and I am sure he just overlooked inviting me..so, if you are on his private list, help me out here...send him a contact, tell him to email me, contact me, something...let me know how to reach him!


Seals said...

Ajooja doesn't exist. I'm going to come back under my real name in a couple of weeks when I get home from a conference in Florida and finish this next edition of my magazine.

Thank you so much for worrying about me. I'll definitely send you a personal invitation when my work is out of the way and I can get everything up and running.

See ya,

Dixiechick said...

Good to know you are ok....whew, what a relief! Email me with your new blog address....donnahatke51@gmail.com

i beati said...

Some 2 people did that to me and I never commented anything personal - hurt me so badly -- Guess I wasn't what they wanted. But the group surrounding me now is super !!Sandy