Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to the Grindstone.....

Good Morning, blog world.....How was the weekend? Mine had its good moments, along with the bad. Am I ready for another week in this flourescent lighted hell? No! I am not.....It is going to be such a beautiful day today. The thoughts of being cooped up in here is just too much to endure! Sigh...but, what are you going to do....the bills have to be paid. What messed up the weekend for me was having to come in here and work for four hours on Saturday. From 1-5 p.m....which really didn't give me much of a morning....made for a long day.

Friday was great. Hubby took me to our favorite place for dinner..McGraw's Steakhouse....I had a salad and the most wonderful glass of Pinot Noir...yum, yum..then hubby and I split an order of Jack Daniels rib tips...they were so good. I do believe they are my new favorite. Afterwards, we went down to our favorite neighboorhood bar, The Knickerbocker, hung out with our friend Doc and Jeff, the owner....we all sat out on the patio, it was so nice out....very relaxing evening.

As I said, Saturday morning, I was just a wee bit tired, so I lazed around until time to get ready for work. I watched reruns of the show "The Cougar"! That is all I can say.....I think the chick is pretty, but not "all that"...I must admit, she had some very attractive younger guys to contend with....although the funniest moment was when this one wise ass guy, upon introducing himself, told her she looked way to "old" to be a was hilarious...he meant way too young...anyway, I watched that all morning, got ready, came into work for the "mandatory" sell a thon....funny thing, remember back in the first of March, when I got sick with the stomach flu and worked with it, asking to go home early one day, and I caught total hell for it...well, funny how it's ok when one of the managers gets sick...My Commercial Manager called in for our mandatory call day...said he went to the hospital, because he was not feeling good/dizzy...they diagnosed him with sinusitis....for real????? He missed a mandatory call day because of sinusitis...I had the stomach flu so bad I lost 5 lbs in 2 days.....and caught total hell for asking to leave work better believe I am going to remember this if anyone ever says a word to me again if I get sick or my kids get sick.

So, after 4 hours of very unproductive work on my part, I got off work and went to Hell mart, came home, hubby gave me a foot soak, and we got ready to go meet a new friend in Indy....the evening ended up being a bust....hubby and I had a spat, went to bed upset with each other....
Sunday Morning, for a while, we kept our distance...I made coffee, sat out on our porch drinking that and reading my fitness magazines....finally hubby came out, we talked things out and decided to shower/dress and go into town. We went downtown to Spurlocks and had a great late lunch/early supper. After that it was time to go pick up Max and get things ready to return to work/school today.

Puny Mr. Burns is not in yet...maybe he still has water on his brain....dizzy...can't drive and won't be in today. That would make for a pretty good

Only 4 more days until Friday!!!!!


i beati said...

4 more days till Friday like how you think..Who is going to win DWTS..I can't take my eyes off Giles. You have a bad case of Spring Fever..sandy

Sicilian said...

Enjoy your weekend coming up . .. . . it is almost here.

Italianissima said...

Hey Dixie...just wanted you to know that you inspired me to join food should be here by sat...I hope I am as sucessful at it as you were! I will keep you posted on mt progress!!!

Dixiechick said...

Beati...honey, I have not watched Dancing with the Stars this season..for some reason, I just could not get into it. Yes, I do have a bad case of Spring Fever...I so need a vacation!

Sicilian...I would, but I have to work again this Saturday!

Italianissima...awesome! I am proud of you. Keep me informed of your progress. I would be happy to help you in anyway I can.