Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wow...I was able to log onto my blog today. From work! Imagine Not sure how long it will last, but I will take it while I can get it.
Thank Goodness it's almost Friday! I can not wait for the weekend to get here. I have been so busy, so stressed..I am ready for a break. Although, I have to work for 4 hours Saturday afternoon, which sucks. Right now at work is our busiest time.....and, unfortunately, our sells are still down, so Saturday is supposed to be a "Region sell-a-thon"....Every body has to work. No exceptions. Not that I see it's going to do any good. Who the heck is going to be home on a Saturday, especially businesses, whose decision makers/managers are usually off on Saturday?
I am sure there are going to be tons of people, waiting by the phone, just itching to buy some lawn care. Whoo Hoooo!!!!

So, yesterday was Administrative Assistant day....and our boss decided he was going to buy my lunch and a couple of the other "office staff" lunch. I have been having major computer issues with my PC here at work, so I was on the phone with our help desk, trying to run scans, remove viruses, etc....for 2 hours I was on the phone. It was lunch time, they were ready to order, so one of the girls stuck a menu in my face for O'Charley', I am not a big fan of O'Charley's....for one, I could not go online and see the nutritional values of their menu items, (as I was still on the phone trying to get my broken computer fixed), they were in a hurry, so I quickly scanned their menu. I knew their salads were very high in calorie, so I settled on a "Grilled Turkey Burger, no mayo and some baked sweet potato fries"...thinking, that surely has to be healthy.

The Office Manager ordered, went and picked it up, and brought it back to the office. At which, you guessed it, I was still on the phone, trying to get my computer fixed, back up and running. So, while on the phone, I wolfed that turkey burger down, a long with maybe half of the sweet potato fries....after lunch, my computer was finally fixed, so I logged onto O'Charley's website, so see just how many calories, fat grams, etc that wonderful little turkey burger had....brace yourself, because I almost died of cardiac arrest.....910 calories and 58 freaking grams of fat!!!!
I thought I was going to be sick.....seriously! How in the hell can they get away with serving food like that, masking it as nutritional and it being worse than eating 2 big mac's from McDonald's.....I wanted to go make myself throw up...I could just feel the fat clogging up my body.....yuck! I will never, ever, ever eat from that place again.

I had just went to the gym on Tuesday, but I gathered the family up and made all of them go back to the gym with me last night. Hubby actually worked out with me. I was so proud of him. It was a lot of fun to have him there with me. After the gym, we went to McCalisters Deli....where I had soup and half of a grilled chicken sandwich.....yum, I love McCalisters...but, I was good and drank only water, stayed away from their sweet tea...that shit is truly addicting.

Then we had to go to the laundromat...yikes! Yesterday, our washer finally gave up the ghost and now is residing on the side of the road by our drive way, with high hopes to catch a ride to that washer graveyard with Waste Management. I have a spare one that I had from my previous marriage, that we just stored out in our garage, but something happened to it, and it won't pump water, so we have to have Sears come out and take a look at it and see if we can get it up and going...if not, we have to buy a new one. I am so tired of crap breaking down on us. In the last two months, we have had to buy new tires for the car, repair the fan on the car ($250), buy a new dishwasher ($450) and now the washing machine.....I swear, when it rains it pours.....anyway, the old washer pooped out during the middle of a cycle, leaving the washer full of water and wet soggy clothes, so we had to take that load to a laundromat, of which I had not been in one in many, many years, and run through another cycle....thank God the husband is the laundry guru in our house....I don't like having to mess with crap like that.

So, it was a late night last night. We didn't get home until 9 p.m...had to rush the kids through a shower and brushing of the teeth....then my shower, so I was extremely late getting to bed last night. While at the gym, I got a kink in my neck, can barely turn my head to the left or to the right, so I took to Advil P.M.s and it was so difficult to get up and going this morning. Today is such a beautiful day, it is going to be warm, high 71...the sun is, it's days like this that makes me wish I were a kept would love to be out of this stinking office and be out their enjoying it. If I could, I would have slept in, went to breakfast with the hubby, and after wards went for a 3 mile run. I love to run outside, but just has not been warm enough yet to do that. Today would be perfect. Oh, well.....time to face reality....and this stack of paperwork on my desk. I hope you all have a great day before Friday! And a good weekend, if I don't post again before that. I know I intend to!


i beati said...

Have a special weekend. Spring always makes it super!!Sandy

Dixiechick said...

You too Sandy!

Sicilian said...

Oh Dix. . . I have had a similar experience with thinking that something was healthy, and then finding that it was not. I am with you and try to check the nutritional values first.

I feel like you do. . . money seems to be flying through my fingers. . . and it is very frustrating.

Have a fab weekend Dix!