Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so glad it is Friday. This has been such a long week. We are picking up Justin this evening, going out for a family dinner, maybe rent a movie and relax.
I am looking so forward to that. I am tired...but, in a good way. I went to the gym last night and ran 3 miles, walked .80 miles, then worked my arms again, my abs and did 10 minutes on the Wave...has I was preparing to go to the weight area to start my upper body exercises...I had this nice lady approach me and tell me "If I looked like you, I wouldn't be in here"....I laughed and told her, If I were not in here, I wouldn't look like this...then we had a nice conversation about how she was trying to lose about 40 lbs, what did I do to lose my weight, what my exercise routine was, etc....we chatted about 15 minutes..I gave her my card and we may get together for a work out sometime. It was really nice to finally have someone be nice to me there. Usually, I get catty looks from the other women, the men just leer, some smile, but no one ever speaks. So, that was nice....we chatted like we knew each other forever...anyway, as I have said before, I don't have any female friends really, so maybe she will become one.

My weekend plans consist of gym time, hair appointment to cover up those greys, and some one on one time with the boys.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend!!

i beati said...

And what do you think of the choices DWTS and Idol. I'm disappointed in both .. Give me lots of Gilles!!