Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well, Sunday night, I attended the graduation of my oldest son. Sitting there in those bleachers, watching him walk in with the "pomp and circumstance", cap and gown on....hugging each and every teacher lined up for the graduates, as he passed...make his way to his seat...I couldn't help but think of every single momentus moment I have had with him. The day he was born, the day he started school..how he stood up for me at 7 years old, with his dad, when we were going through our divorce...all the fun things, the sad things...including the day at 13 he came to me and said he wanted to live with his Dad...that day just about broke my heart....and Sunday night, seeing what a handsome, fine young man he has turned out to me, I couldnt suppress the tears from stinging my eyes...I looked at his Dad and said, "We did good"....and yes we did do good. As he walked across that stage, accepting his diploma, the tears rolled down my cheeks. I am so proud of him. I know, without a doubt, he is going to do great and wonderful things. He has ambition,drive,good work ethic...and people, no matter who he meets, just love him.
Here is my graduate....who graduated with honors. This Mama couldn't be more proud!

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Sicilian said...

Congrats Mamma!