Monday, June 15, 2009

Still alive and kicking!

Hey, ya'll..Ole' Dixie is still here. Just busy, not often do I have enough time to get on here from home and blog, since the idiots still have me blocked from work. Once in a blue moon, I can get on here from work, just for a brief period of time, so I wanted to quickly give an update and let all of ya'll that still read me, both of you, lol..know that I am ok. Just busy, kids are out of school, work is still driving me crazy and I have no free time. Still going to the gym, working out 3-4 times a week. I am now up to running 4 miles a day. Whoo Hoo! I am loving life and all is good. Now, if I could just come into some money, quit my job, stay at home and be a full time mom and wife, I would be in 7th Heaven.
Take care ya'll. I am never far away!

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i beati said...

how are your kids enjoying summer thus far - just moving right along..will you take a vacation??Not I//sk