Monday, June 22, 2009

Why does the weekend go so quickly?

Hey, ya'll....can't believe it's Monday already. It is rainy and gloomy today here in the mid west and the only place I want to be is curled up in my bed, sleeping....not stuck here in this fertilizer office. I am sure Mr. Burns will be in here again...all day...long....yes, he is still here. Has not been fired yet...but a little birdie tells me, unless he picks up his game, he will be phased out. My company hired another salesman to work in our department with him...they are counting on this guy outselling Mr. Burns, then they have reason to let him go. I know the man has a daughter to support...and I feel bad in that respect, but if it does happen, maybe it will give him the boost he needs to do what he is truly good at and that is play the saxophone. Not sit in the office day in and day out, constantly missing his projections and numbers.

Moving on....the weekend was not so good for me. Started out with the best of intentions, but I got a feminine way....women, it is one of the worst aggravating conditions you can get as a woman...I tried to take care of it with over the counter medicine, that in fact made my problem, I was in misery all weekend. By Saturday afternoon, hubby knew our weekend of going out with friends, dancing, our normal no kid weekend activities were not going to happen, so we drove down to the lake to visit his parents for the evening. We took KFC and the movie Grand Torrino down there for his dad to see. It is a great movie...a little too much racism in it...but, it was still good for a Clint Eastwood movie. We didn't get home until Midnight and by that point, I was in total misery. I drank half a bottle of wine and went to bed. Sunday Morning I knew I was going to have to go to the, hubby took me to Urgent Care, my problem was diagnosed and I was told by the doctor to stay out of hot tubs, which is where I think I may have picked up my little problem. Last week hubby went to the gym with me and after working out, we went and got into the hot tub, two days later..I have my little problem. So, anyway, ladies, if you are susceptible to infections of the female variety, please stay out of public hot tubs....I was given one little pill to take and today, I am glad to say I am 100% better. Which I am so relieved. I missed an entire weekend of working out and I didn't eat very healthy this weekend..I>e...the Kfc....McDonalds...crap, crap, this morning, I am up 2 lbs and I plan on hitting the gym hard tonight. I hate missing my work outs..It makes me feel like total crap.

In other news, all the kids are doing fine. They are enjoying their summer. The oldest is working every day, planning for college this fall and enjoying his last summer as teenager. He will be 19 July 3rd...damn, I'm gettin old. The second one, is spending his summer getting up at 6 a.m. every day for football, weight training, etc...I admire his dedication, but the poor kid can't enjoy his summer because of it. The third son, Aaron is alternating weeks with his loser, non job holding, non support paying father. Max also goes the same week he is gone to Keith's parents and spends time with the them at the lake. He loves it down there. Grandma keeps him busy and it is so much better for him then spending his day cooped up in our house while his dad is trying to sleep and I am at work. I miss them though.
Hubby is going to be laid off the entire month of July. That has us in a tizzy, worrying over money and how we are going to make ends meet. He will file for un employment right away, but that takes several weeks to get the first check. Unfortunately, like most families, we live paycheck to paycheck, no savings and it is going to be a struggle. Hubby has a plan, he always does...I am sure we will survive this. I am trying to find ways to pinch pennies and save money in every way I can....What are any of you doing to cut costs and survive the economy downturn? Have any of you gone through lay offs or lost your jobs? I would like to know how you are handling things...

Well, I better get to work. Mr. Burns will be in at any moment....Have a great week everyone!

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