Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School....

Well, my little monkeys are headed back to school today. What a crazy morning. Getting back into the routine of getting 2 little guys up, showered, dressed, etc....after the entire summer of only having to get myself up and going...was a little exasperating. I set my alarm for six, didn't get up until 6:30..I have to be at work by 8 a.m....(with a 15 minute commute)....what a dumb ass I was for going back to sleep for another 30 minutes....The first outfit I had laid out for Max, the shorts were still a little too big, so outfit number 2, he goes to put the plaid navy shorts on (so cute) and the button popped off...drat! So, all he had left that were new were jeans, so..he had to wear a "Not new" pair of shorts to school on the first day..oh, the horror...six years old and already very conscious of his "style"...I mean, no way would he let me out the door before his hair was spiked just so.

Aaron, the almost 10 year old, had a nice pair of new chocolate brown shorts and a lighter blue with chocolate stripes polo shirt, that we had gotten at JC Penney..very nice...very coordinated....he gets out of the shower, goes into his room to dress, comes out with the shorts on and a white/red/black/grey shirt with skulls and crossbones on it that his dad got him....I was none too happy with him, told him he was not wearing that shirt...with jeans, yeah, maybe...but not with the shorts he had on...drama, drama, drama would think I had two girls the way they carried on about their clothes/hair this morning.

I couldn't stick around to see the finished product, I had to leave for work. I hope and pray hubby got them on the bus ok. In prior years, I have always talked with the bus driver a day or two before school starts. This year, I did not. I could only assume the pick up time would be similar to last year. They got on the bus last year around 8:25 with a start time of classes at 8:40...we live one mile from the school....this year the district moved the start time to 8:50, so I assume the bus would be around somewhere between 8:30 and 8:35....I pray hubby didn't fall asleep and let them miss the bus. He has not answered my emails and once again, he has unplugged the phone at, I can't reach him....I hate when he does that. So, I am sitting here, nervously waiting for a phone call, telling me I have to leave work, drive home and take them into school, late..on their first day.

Getting back into the school/homework/work routine is going to be a challenge. I am not too worried about nine year old...he did really well last year, and I don't expect 3rd grade to be too difficult for him. Max, the six year old, with him...I am a nervous wreck. Kindergarten is totally different than first grade. In kindergarten...we had a hard time with him...keeping his mouth shut, following directions, just learning in general...he thought it was all about fun/games..this year, first grade is going to be a lot different, the expectations are going to be a lot higher and the consequences for inappopriate behavior are going to be a lot more drastic. I mean, in the teachers manual for parents, that I got at Open House last night, detentions will be issued after several a 1st grader..seriously? Holy cow....needless to say, hubby and I had a serious talk with Max about what is expectations are this year, from his teacher and from us. I hope and pray he buckles down and listens.

Well, going to try and call the school..It is after 9 am...and I have not heard from hubby...he is so tired, he could have easily fell ease my mind..that's all. Seriously....I know my hubby...wouldn't surprise me if they missed the bus. Crap!

Update....hubby just emailed me...the bus came at 8:55 a.m...what the heck happened? What a way to start the first day...late for school..but no fault of our on? Maybe Mary, the bus driver, forgot to take her geritol..or something....why was she so late?

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