Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Over a week....sorry.

Man, this blogging thing has seriously taken a back burner. I don't know how much longer I will continue with this...I have lost a lot of readers....I understand, you don't post...people quit coming by...Well, life is seriously busy for me. I say I am going to do better.....but posting every day, even once a week, has become a challenge for me.

Work has been busy this past week. Plus, I took one day off last Friday, to drive down and visit my oldest son, get him situated for college. Yeah, I am going to have a freshman in college. He is going to Indiana State University...in Terre Haute. He is majoring in Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy....at least that is what he says for now.

So, Monday was spent seriously playing catch up here at work. The other children start back to school this week. Can't say I am sorry. It has been a difficult summer. For hubby most of all. Working third shift, then having to stay up most of the day supervising the two younger kids..has been very tough on him. His health is suffering...I am constantly worried about him.

We have been having computer issues as well. At work, most of the time, blogger is blocked. Some mornings, if I check early enough, I can log on and make a quick post, before the Websense kicks in and puts a block up. At home, we have been locked out of our administrator password. I went to set up parental controls and when I did, it blocked us from accessing just about everything, and locked us out of the administrator side of things, because we don't remember our freaking password. How stupid we were to not write it down. Now, I have to come up with money to hire the Geek Squad, or some computer repair guru, to try to find the password, reset it for us, or we will have to reinstall windows and lose all of our saved files..yes, I am an idiot and have never backed anything up.

Good news is, I have still been working out religiously....last week, I ran a total of 20 miles. Last night, I went to the gym, and did my longest run yet...7 miles...that's right, this ol' woman ran 7 freaking miles!!! It took me an hour and 10 minutes...I am no where near running a half marathon, but I am ready for a 10 k...I am starting slow though, and I think I am going to run a 5 K in Indianapolis this weekend. It truly is a high....when I can't run, I get all agitated, annoyed with everyone...there is nothing like putting on those running shoes, cranking up that Ipod, and heating the pavement...feeling the wind in your face...being outside with nature...lately, though...my runs have been on the treadmill at the gym. Too hot outside. We are finally having the July weather we usually have in August. It has been hot!!! I look forward to cooler temps so I can run more outside.

Well, guess I better sign off...lot's of work to do, just wanted to give my few loyal readers a quick update. Mr. Burn's will be in at any moment...lucky me!
Have a good week everyone!


Steph said...

I just wanted to let you know, I'm still an avid reader:) even though I'm lousy at commenting...

Dixiechick said...

Thanks Steph...I am sure I will find my blogging groove again..I just dont want to bore everyone with mundane stupid details of my truly boring life. I will check in with you soon.

Sicilian said...

I envy your running.

Love reading your blog.

Dixiechick said...

Thanks Sicilian...it hasn't been easy to get to this point with my running, but I am so happy with the progress I have made. I can't wait till I can say, I have ran a half marathon....I love reading your blog too!