Friday, July 31, 2009

Freaking Ex-husband....

Ok, as most of you that have been reading my blog for sometime knows...I have two ex-husbands....The first one was way older than me, I married him way too young, I asked him for a divorce when I was 25....he was a good provider, he is a good dad, but he wasn't much of a good husband..he chose his sports/friends over spending time with me..and we just drifted apart..

While going through my divorce with him, I met the second ex-husband...the biggest loser God ever put on this earth. I was with him for over five years...married only two of those years...we have nine year old together....we have been divorced for 7 years...the reason for our divorce are too many too lists...but, I was the one that filed. He was a drug addict/he abused me and he would not work. To this day, he still doesn't work...he lives with his 70 year old father and mooches off of him, living off of his social security. He has not paid me child support for nine year old since last husband Keith takes care of all of Aaron's needs, pays for his health insurance, everything....we have not pushed the issue of the non support because to put nine year olds dad in jail..would not be good for nine year old, as he would fine fault with me and resent me for it. The ex still gets visitation with the nine year old, and my son loves his dad to death. In his eyes, his dad can do no wrong....I don't want to rock the boat. But, I am getting so tired of not having any financial support.

For instance today, he is picking our son up at noon, keeping him until next Friday...I have posted before that Aaron has ADD...and he takes medication for this...he is out of his medicine, my husband had called in the refill prescription to CVS and asked loser ex to please go pick up the medicine. It is only $27....He can't...why? He has no money....go figure! I asked him if even had money for food, he goes, Yeah, that is why I don't have any other money...I had to buy groceries...

I have bent over backwards for this man...I have put up with more crap then any woman should ever have had to put up with since I have known him....he has not held a steady job in almost nine years. I have put together a resume'...given him job leads...he will not get a job! He says it is my fault..for pressing charges of spousal abuse against him...he now has a felony on his record...(oh, did I mention the drugs-yeah, he was busted for that to, plus add a couple dui's in there)...guess that is all my fault too, huh?

I know he is not on drugs any longer...I do know he loves our son...and our son loves him...but, I am getting really sick of having to go to work everyday, provide for my family..while he sits around on his pathetic ass....I pray my son, eventually...will get a real hard long look at his dad and not turn out like him.

I hope the ex realizes what a poor example of man hood he is setting for his son.

Rant over...


Sicilian said...

I only have one x, but he has been in the gonna go to church everytime the doors open so I can't leave the area to work because I like this church mode. Our daughter, who is also out of work right now, gave him $$$. Our youngest, who has not gotten her first pay check, feels bad that she can't help her dad. I am busting my hind end, my husband is 2500 miles away so he can work, and my x is sucking our children dry.
They have figured out now, that I am the only reason they had a normal life. I kept control of the finances in our house. The see their dad in a different light now.
It will come sooner than you think for your son.
I know that it doesn't help, but kids figure things out.

i beati said...

you know they all realize it to late and believe me it sends a message to the kids and not a good one either..sandy have a great weekend though

Dixiechick said...

Sicilian..I hope 9 year old will one day grow up and see the same. He is starting to realize some things now, like yeah, maybe he could have an xbox, a steak to eat once in a while, maybe a new pair of kicks, if his Dad would just pay support. true. Thanks for still stopping by.