Thursday, July 30, 2009

Treadmill...I want one!!!!

I really would like to have one of these...for my basement. I love running. I am planning on doing my first 5 k on August 15th in, I am working on my speed/time. Currently, I can run a mile in 9 minutes, 15 seconds. I would like to get it under 9 minutes. That would totally rock! Treadmills are good for helping you keep up on your data...running outside, not so much. I can't go to the gym every day. It puts too much stress on the hubby. I went last night, and ran 4.25 miles....after running 6 miles on Monday.
So, tonight is my "non gym" night. I plan on going for a run outside, when it cools down. But, having a treadmill in my basement would allow me to run when he is sleeping and not interfere with having to ask him to bring me water after 20 minutes....

Maybe I should check out Craigslist or something....can't afford a new one...hell, who am I kidding...can't afford one period. But sure would be nice.

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Sicilian said...

When finances improve, look for a used one. Exercise equipment is really great to buy 2nd hand.
I admire you for running a 5 K.