Tuesday, July 28, 2009


19 year old called me yesterday....seems he has developed this lump on the back of his head, and his hair is falling out around this lump. He said his step mom squeezed it and this stuff came out of it, but later on, he put his hand up to rub it and some more of his hair came out. I am very worried. When things are not right with my kids, things are not right with me. Of course, I did the thing any normal blogger mom would do, I googled it....I tend to think it may be a sebaceous cyst....He went to the doctor, they put him on an antibiotic...if that doesn't work to dissolve it, then I guess he goes back. Please, if I have any readers left, beside Sicilian and Jerry...pray for him that it really is nothing more than that.

On another front, 9 year old got bit by a dog last night. I am so pissed! He said he was playing one of the neighbors mutts....that is what it is..don't know what mixed breed it is, but anyway, I guess the dog got a little over exuberant, and clamped his jaw down on 9 year olds leg....left a bruise and scratch mark...didn't break through the skin..but, it still worried me. Hubby wouldn't let me take him to the doctor....he had a tetanus last year...how long are those good for? I cleaned it, put neosporin on it. I want to call the pound on the dog, but the kids begged me not to. Said it wasn't a mean dog, they were just playing. I want to go confront the owners, tell them to keep the damn thing on a leash, before it gets too rough again, and hurts a child, my child, again. What would you do? I told them to stay away from the dog. It is not rabid, it is a family pet. But, still....I am concerned.

I went to the gym last night...ran 6 miles on the treadmill. For some reason it took me longer last night.....I just wasn't feeling it. I had to really push myself to get through it. But all this running is having an effect. I weighed myself this morning and I am down 2 more pounds....108 lbs. So, I think I will treat myself and have something decent for lunch today. Anything that does not have the word salad in it.

Hope all of you are having a great week!



Real Life Drama Queen said...

WOW!! First off.. hope the kids are fine. Second.. Dogs sometimes get excited and don't mean to hurt people when they are playing. It has happened to me and one of my boys. Third.. 108???? How tall are you? Is that healthy? Sorry, I know I am a big girl and all, but damn woman that seems awfully thin.

PS.. write me at lady_roslynn@yahoo.com Important!!!

Sicilian said...

Praying right now for your oldest boy. May his caregivers have much wisdom. I pray the antibiotics solve the problem. I pray that his cyst disolves on its own without further intervention from the medical people.
The dog thing. . . . . one of my neighbor's dogs nipped me. . . . he was following me while I was exercising. . . . I ignored him. . . tryed to shush him off. . . I turned my back and he nipped my calf. It did not break the skin, but I was furious. I yelled at the woman who had that dog running loose. . . . I called animal control. When they came they . . . animal control. . . wanted me to sign something so they could take the dog away. . . I couldn't do it.
The people have had that dog penned up ever since.
I know how mad you are because you are a mom. . . . I would try to calmly talk to the owners. . . . it then puts the burden on them if it ever happens again.
I'm not a medical person. . . but it would seem to me that if there was infection in that cyst. . . he would loose his hair. It might not be as bad as it sounds.

i beati said...

I would let the owners know in a really nice way that you are concerned..