Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging slump....

Without saying...I have found myself in quite a blogging slump. I am just not into it anymore. I have been thinking about shutting this blog down. Hanging up the blogging rite of passage. But...something is holding me back. I keep hoping, I guess...that I will find my groove again....then maybe I can write a book..."How Dixie got her groove back"....or something like that...haha.

So, what's been going on bloggies? I am so far behind on all of my blog favorites....since they blocked my access at work, I can admit that has been a deterrent. When I am not at work...I just don't have any time. Between work, kids/home, gym...trying to keep my hubby happy...make sure the kids are doing their homework, doing it the list just goes on and on....

It makes me tired just thinking about it.

We celebrated my 3rd son's birthday a week and a half a go.....he turned, hard to believe he is now a decade old. We had a cook out....with the ex (his dad) and his dad's brother, sister in law and nephews....nothing like entertaining your ex inlaws at your son's birthday party. It went ok....everyone was cordial....they gave Aaron a check for his birthday...we took that and with our birthday money for him, we went and bought him an XBOX 360....he has been stuck in the almost obsolete PlayStation 2 era for way too long. He was thrilled. It was a great cookout for him, helped him to see that his Mom/Dad could come together as friends, put forth a united front to make his birthday special. Hell, even hubby got along with everyone.
My oldest son, the college boy, drove himself and his brother (15 year old) up for the day as well. He doesn't get to see his little brothers as much, so that in itself was a present for Aaron. It was a nice day..although hectic.

Last weekend, hubby and I went away with a friend of ours for the weekend. Well, not the entire weekend. We left Saturday at noon and came back on Sunday around 1 pm...but, it was fun. For the past two weekends, I have done nothing but ran, ran, ran....exhausted is what I am. I am so looking forward to a weekend, where I have nothing to do...this weekend, will be more of the same.

My car was wrecked last Thursday night, so..I am dealing with insurance companies, claims, and body, Saturday I have do take my car in for the tune of $3700. Good thing I do have insurance..although, there is that deductible..yikes! Then I have to pick up a rental car. It will take them most of next week to get it fixed. 15 year old has a football game on Saturday morning, in Indianapolis, at Lawrence North High School...I am going to try and make that. Then he will come home with me afterwards, and Sunday, I will have to drive him back to Terre Haute...No rest for this weary soul.

On top of all of that..I am still kicking butt and taking names at the gym and with my running. Got some new shoes, just about have them broken in, so my hammy is not bothering me as much. I have achieved my new P.R. for my 5k time....27 minutes 40 seconds....I am loving this running thing. Hoping to get my weekly mile average to somewhere around 25 to 30 miles per week. Gradually, run further, increase my mileage. A few weeks ago, I ran my longest...12 miles! Haven't been able to replicate or exceed that...but, I am working on it. Don't know what happened that day....all the runners starts aligned correctly or something I guess. I do know that proper fuel, before a run is necessary....a pack of GU gel about half way through helps a lot as well.

Well, thanks for reading...those of you out there that still give a shit.

OH...wait....Dancing With the Stars is back....I am sure you all know that, as last night was the second vote off.....I am pulling for Kelly Osborne or Donny Osmond....those are my two top picks to win this season...What say you?


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Sicilian said...

I've run the same thoughts through my head about stopping the blog. I only get to do it from home because my job is to busy.
I am tired of computers when I get home.
There is a life beyond the blog world.
I do enjoy your blog, and look forward to your thought when you post.