Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wow...It's been a while....

Life has gotten the best of me....so much has been going on..with work, at home...with my kids...Blogging as been put on the back burner...not that it matters much, no one comes around here anymore anyway..

So, what has been going on the past couple weeks? I had a great mini vacation..well, some what...my hubby's grandmother past away...we buried her Tuesday 2 weeks ago today.

I pulled my hamstring 2 days before I was supposed to race my 5k, so I had to pull out of that.
Then, the following week, I went to the gym and ran 12 miles...on the treadmill...the next day, I walked like an old woman, I seriously felt I needed a cane.

We celebrated my 3rd sons 10th birthday on Sunday.

Then, I got sick....missed work yesterday.

Of course, the silent treatment is given to me today. It is the biggest sin of all to call off work from this freaking place!

Oh, well....the worse they can do at the moment is write me up. Which I expect. Would not be the least bit surprised if they don't. I am not perfect like some of the ass kissers that work here.

Hope you all have a great week!
I really have nothing more to say...


Sicilian said...

The amount of running you are doing is really hard on your body. I would suggest buying some really high dollar shoes if you are going to continue.
A write up is nothing. Let the office gossips yack away.

Take care of yourself Dix.

i beati said...

keep hoping you will find a job in a more fun atmosphere!!