Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exercise stats so far this week....

So far this week:

Monday: Ran 3.5 miles on my lunch break

Tuesday: Ran 6 miles

No time for weights yet this week. I am having some "bottom" issues so I am afraid to lift too heavy...I am kind of scared/worried about what is going on..let's just say I go to the bathroom, number 2..and there is bleeding...lots of bleeding...too much information I know..but, it scares me..I am afraid I may have tore something lifting too heavy during squats....or, that something worse could be going on.
This is not the first time this has happened to me over the past four months...I have a doctors appt next Tuesday....I am worried to death. But, I tend to do that anytime something with me or my kids is not right. I always google symptoms, then immediately assume the worse..I.e...colon cancer, crohn's disease, etc, etc....I hate when I do that to myself. Damn Google!!!

Hubby had a very close friend die...he is going to be tied up the next couple of evenings with visitation/memorial, etc..and I have Mommy duty tonight. No work out tonight. That's ok...not feeling too swift. Plan on cooking dinner for the boys, spending some quality time with Max and his homework. I may have time for a quick run on my lunch break, maybe another 3.5 miler...that will put me at 13 miles for the week. Maybe this weekend, I can actually make it to the gym. Justin is coming up to visit, so..he may go with me. That would be fun.

Thank goodness it is hump day...2 more days left in the week, then the weekend is here. I am so ready for it!

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