Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just call me the Road Runner.....

Or..should I say the "Road Runner of treadmills?".....

I just went to the gym on my lunch break...and pounded out a speedy 3.5 miles...32 minutes and 22 seconds..that is a pace of 9 min and 20 seconds per mile....I really really want to get my time down to below 9 minutes per mile..but, being that I am only 5 ft 2 in tall...I think my little legs are pretty much running as fast as they are going too..nah, just got to maintain those 8 mile per min pace for more than once during that 9 min 20 sec mile....Deena Kastor I am not....although she is a little biddy thing and girl hauls ass! I think she can run a mile in like 5.25....awesome!

I really wanted to go to the gym yesterday, then again tonight, but due to circumstances, again beyond my control (hubby's friend dying), the fact that we had severely icy roads today, more ice expected tonight, the hubby has hardly slept at all in two days...the kids are home from school today, so that is not going to allow him much sleep today, so I have to head home immediately after work, so he can go to bed..that is fine. I am glad I went today at lunch. Gives me more of an evening at home. I haven't done any weights all week, but like I said in an earlier post, that is probably for the best that I take a break..I don't think a week off from weight training will make me lose too much of my muscle mass I have built least I hope not.

Man, I just re-read the above English teacher from high school would have a coniption about run on, well...hardly anyone reads this blog anymore anyway...

Well, let's discuss food intake for today...I am doing really well...although, I admit some days, I probably don't eat enough....then when I do, I consume way too many carbs..I don't know how to get an equal balance of carbs/protien/fats, etc...I want to do some research on it..try and figure it out, but I don't even have the time to read....I have a stack of magazines 2 ft high (seriously) that I have piled in my closet, that I can't find the time to read, little long find time to research nutrition.

1 small container Dannon Lite/fit Vanilla Yogurt 80 calories
1/4 cup granola 140 calories
1 cup pineapple chunks 45 calories

3 cups coffee 60 calories ( I used sweetner/powdered creamer-Iknow-bad, bad, bad)


1 tuna wrap (whole wheat wrap, spinach, 1 slice tomato, 1 tsp lite mayo mixed in) 250 calories
10 pretzel sticks 45 calories
1 cup progresso lite soup (vegetable barley) 60 calories

Afternoon snack:
Banana 80 calories


Don't know yet....

Stay tuned...

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