Monday, February 15, 2010

Testing...testing..Is This Thing On????

Wow..once again, I go all M.I.A....reason for that is work had blogger blocked every single day last week!! I don't have time in the evenings to blog, post from me.

How was your Valentines day? Mine was so good...hubby was extra special to me. He bought me several sexy new dresses, lots of lingerie and he took me away for an over night stay at a hotel out of town. It was lovely....relaxing...and fun! It is always great to get away with the hubby and reconnect. Friday night we had dinner at Mountain Jacks....I had some lamb chops that were to die for...Saturday morning, I had a 7:30 a.m. appointment to get my hair cut....I have such a wonderful hair stylist, who now reads my blog..."Hey, Anna"...if you are reading had a pretty late night Friday night, so needless to say, girl here was dragging her ass Saturday morning. I came home from my hair appointment and promptly died for the next hour and a half...then, hubby and I packed up our bags and headed out for our overnight excursion. We got to our hotel around 3:30 and relaxed for a while, then headed to the indoor pool/hot tub...then we went out for dinner to Bandido's Mexican was awesome...we went to a club later that night and were back in our hotel by 1 a.m...I didn't sleep hardly any (hubby's snoring) and was up and on the hotel treadmill by 9:30 a.m....after a speedy six miles, we showered/dressed, packed up and checked out of the hotel. We went to the mall in the town we were staying at and hubby again splurged on me, buying me more lingerie and a pretty top....
We stopped at a local brewery, Granite City Brewery..the food was yummy and the drinks were even yummier....We finally got home around 6:30...hubby had to work, so we both kind of vegged out on the couch until it was time for him to get ready to leave.

All in all, it was a great weekend...ready for another mini little vacay already.

Now, last week, on the other hand, on the workout front/eating front..was not so good. I only worked out twice last week (includes the six mile run on the hotel treadmill) food choices were kind of high calorie and over the weekend, I imbibed in a lot of drinky drink...if you know what I, I am filling tired, sluggish, out of sorts....We ate out a lot last week. Most of my choices were not too bad...but, I did throw my healthy eating habits out the window on more than one occasion. One night, we ate at Applebee's....then the next night, hubby made a pork roast with mash potatoes...yep, I ate was good, but the potatoes I probably should not have ate...Then Max's birthday was last week..he turned 7...and we told him he could choose any restaurant he wanted to eat at for his birthday dinner. He chose Red Lobster (pictures to follow)...I had 2 chedder bay biscuits..those things are way too hard to resist and I had regular ranch dressing on my remaining choices were really good though, I had Salmon with Asparagus and when we got home, I only had one bite of his birthday cake..

So, I need to get back on the wagon....Here's hoping I have a good work out week, I plan on eating nothing but healthy clean foods for the rest of the week...I have to detox...Later..

Oh, here are Max's birthday pictures...he is growing up on me so fast!!!

He wanted Lobster and was so excited to try it for the first time. I have shell fish allergies, so I couldn't have any..but, it looked really yummy and he absolutely loved it! After I told him, you have to pull the meat out of the shell!

He ate more in that one sitting then I have ever seen that child eat...not one bite of Lobster was left! He kept telling me and his Dad, Thank you for taking me here, over and was so sweet.

Afterwards, we went home and had cake...what a fun family night it was!

We didn't have a big party this year...I don't think it is always good to have a big blow out every year..I want my children to understand that birthdays are special...sometimes big parties are fun, but it's all about the family, how much the family treasures and loves you on your weekend, we plan on letting Max have a sleep over with one of his little friends, I will take them to play laser tag, we will have another little cake/pizza to celebrate..also, when the Weather breaks, we are taking Max to pick out a "belated" birthday present...a new bike. On his birthday night, after Red Lobster, he got to go buy a new Xbox game, he got some new clothes. All in all, I think he was pretty satisfied, I didn't have to spend $200 or more on a birthday blow out party!

Here's hoping for a great week!!!!

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