Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Up In The Gym...Just Working on My Fitness...Oh, Yeah!!!

But...I can admit...I did a little bit more than 15 minutes of weights...15 minutes of cardio...

I just thought the cartoon was cute.

So, I did get out of work early yesterday, to make up for my having to stay over and work 2 hours past my clock out time on Monday. Monday sucked, but it was nice getting to the gym last night at an early hour. I arrived around 3:15 and was there until 5:30 pm...

I started out with my cardio...I like to get that out of the way relatively quickly. Or at least first. I ran 6 interval speeds. Ranging from 5.5 miles per hour up to 8 miles an hour averaging a 9 min 10 sec per mile pace...I was done in 55 minutes...I felt like I could go for another 2 or 3..but, I knew I needed to fit in legs and abs, so I stopped. Stretched and cooled down.

Then I did abdominals...I hate, hate, hate abdominals. But, trying to fix what mother nature took from me with the birth of fourth children and massive consumption of wine, I have no, I buckled down and got em' done.

15 reps x 3 sets Weight 55 lbs

15 reps x 3 sets Weight 25 lbs

15 reps x 3 sets

3 at 30 seconds hold each

12 reps (each side) x 3 sets Weight 25 lb round weight in opposite hand

Then it was time for legs....

12 reps x 3 sets Weight 55 lbs

15 reps x 3 sets Weight 90 lbs

12 reps x 3 sets Weight 60 lbs

12 reps x 3 sets Weight 45 lbs

12 reps x 3 sets Weight 45 lbs

12 reps x 3 sets Weight 90 lbs

12 reps x 3 sets Weight 45 lbs

12 reps x 3 sets Weight 25 lbs

12 reps x 3 sets Weight 20 lbs (10 lb dumbbells in each hand)

If memory serves me correctly, I think that was it....I do know I was soaking wet and exhausted.

I stopped and got KFC for the family...and a salad with grilled chicken for me. By the time I got home, I was not hungry at all. I was seriously feeling ill and once again, was having stomach "issues"....I guess I am really going to have to go to the doctor and get it checked out. Hubby was furious with me, very concerned, for cancelling my last doctor's appointment. He thinks all of my intestinal/stomach issues are contrived from my "over-doing it" when I work out...expending too many calories, not taking enough in and it has my digestive system all out of whack.

I try to eat healthy most days. I lapse occasionally, after all..I am only human.

My eats yesterday:
For breakfast, I had a packet of oatmeal, pineapple and a yogurt.

Mid Morning Snack:
5 Whole Wheat Ritz Crackers
3 tiny slivers chedder cheese

Lunch: Lean Cusine Sandwich
1/2 serving pretzel sticks
1 serving of melon (cantelope/honeydew)

Afternoon snack:
1/2 cashew cookie Lara bar

Cups of coffee consumed throughout the day: 4
(with splenda/powdered creamer)

3/4 of a Chick-Fil-A Chargrilled Southwest Salad (30 cal pack of lite Italian dressing)

Water consumed:
5 regular sized bottles and 1 cup of tea.

That was it....
I know I burned at least 600 calories on my run, although the treadmill said 676 calories. Not sure how accurate that is.

Then I am sure there had to be at least 200 with all the strength training I did for an hour.

I guestimate my calories I took in yesterday around, I was probably deficient, thus why I felt so ill.

I am taking tonight off, per Hubby's request....he is making me a steak and potato for dinner. He thinks I am not getting enough protien/carbs...I beg to differ...but, I will eat it, and thank him accordingly.

Later my peeps!

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Sicilian said...

I think you need gatorade and water when you work out. I think the stomach distress is due to you sweating and not replenishing yourself.
I do think your caloric intake is not enough for the work outs. You need calories to build up your muscles.
Just a thought from a very non professional person.

Dixiechick said...

Thanks are right. I do drink a lot of water. If I am running on the treadmill, I always have a bottle or two of water right there, I stop after every mile and drink. Hubby wants me to quit working out so hard and so long each time. He thinks I should have more frequent work outs, less intensity. I agree about the calorie thing, but I am fearful of gaining, not sure how to balance all that. I might need to consult with a nutritionist or something.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I hate abs too. I do them with my personal trainer friend. That girl can do abs forever and not stop for air!!

Love your workout routine. I train 3x per week...then cardio 6. If I could just quite eating flippin' chocolate cake I'd be fine!!

Dixiechick said...

Hi,, thank you. LOL....I wish I could strength train 3 times a week. I could if I didn't love running/cardio so much. Yes, I love am so with you on the ab thing...hate, hate, hate them! As it is, I can only make it to the gym 4 times a week. Can't wait for spring, then I can run outside. Your weakness is choc cake..well, mine is wine. That is where my extra calories come in, they go straight to my abdomen.