Friday, April 16, 2010

Food Choices....

Every day...we all have choices to make, regarding how we eat, what we choose to eat...I try to always make good choices...choices that are beneficial to my health. In the process, I try to do the same for my children and I also encourage my husband as often as he will listen. It is choose the right foods, maintain the proper nutritional balance. I am not going to lie..I fight food cravings all the time...but, I also weigh the pro's and cons of those cravings. Sometimes, I give in...but most of the time...I choose the healthy route.

Today, for lunch, I went to KFC....yes, I eat fast food sometimes..but, I always check the nutritional content of their menu's...I love chicken, it is an excellent source of protein...and with all the running and lifting I do...I try to fuel off it frequently. When I do go to KFC...I order one thing and one thing only..twister wrap with grilled chicken, no cheese, no sauce....and a side order of Green Beans...see..healthy choices. I make these kind of choices every time I eat out...most of the time, I get salads...but, last night I worked out hard, and I felt I needed to replenish...

As I was looking at the menu today....waiting in line..I was shocked to see the newest addition to the KFC menu...

The KFC Doubledown...
It looked disgusting(to me anyway)....The nutrition facts, along with sodium content is shocking~Look it up if you don't believe me...What the heck is wrong with the people that work for these companies that come up with this kind of stuff?
Isn't our world obese enough? Every where I go, I see overweight (obese) people, eating poorly...Why do they do this to themselves?
Food is can be an addiction..I get that...and with any is difficult to overcome...but why must these choices be put out there for people?
I am ashamed of KFC for promoting this type of insane menu item! Why market your grilled chicken and 350 calorie meals if you are going to ruin it by promoting artery clogging/heart stopping menu items like the KFC Doubledown.

It really scares me to think where our Fast Food industry is headed. There are currently 1.6 billion overweight adults in the world, according to the World Health Organization. That number is projected to grow by 40% over the next 10 years (according to Out of the world's most obese countries, America is 9th on the list. With food choices out there like the one above, it is no wonder we are not first on the list.

I can't stop other people from making bad choices..I can only set a good example for my family, hope they follow suit.

What do you think about the food choices that are out there? Do you try to make healthy choices when eating out?
Or, do you get sucked in by all the marketing ploys and fall into the temptations that are out there?

I for one, will never eat something like this. I work too hard to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle. I may not be vegan or a vegetarian....but, for the most part, I do eat and make healthy choices 95% of the time. Yes, I succumb to the occasional piece of chocolate or scoop of ice cream...but, I live by the motto of moderation and healthy choices, along with exercise.

I have also noticed, in observation..that our children today, in general...or more overweight now, then they were when I was kid...with the busy schedules of parents today, lack of time, children are fed fast food more and more often.
Every day, nearly one-third of U.S. children aged 4 to 19 eat fast food, which likely packs on about six extra pounds per child per year and increases the risk of obesity (according to CBS news). Kids are also less active today then they used to be 40 years ago. I remember playing outside from sun up to sun down as a child. Now, you have to plead with kids to get them out from in front of the t.v./video games.

I don't have a problem with my children. They are allowed some video time, but more often then not, they love to play outside. Yes, they do occasionally have a fast food meal, but when they do, I encourage healthy choices. At home, they are fed healthy home cooked meals and healthy snacks. I always keep fruit around. Most often, they prefer a banana, an apple or even a peanut butter sandwich over any type of junk food.

Like I said, living a healthy lifestyle is all about the choices you make. Living a life of longevity also depends on how you take care of your body. I plan to be around for a long, long time...but, if people out there eat things like the KFC many years is that taking off of their life's? What kind of example is it setting for our children?

According to

More than just obese kids....
The fast food industry does need to realize that there are other effects of fast food than just obesity. While anyone, but especially overweight children, are eating burgers, fries, pizza and coke products they are not getting the nutritious food that they need. Instead, they are getting empty calories. Calories, which have no nutritional value, are setting themselves up for diabetes, heart problems and other fatal disorders.

Advertising and obese children
Advertising, including television ads, billboards, and other advertising, including toys in boxed meals, has had an effect upon children as never before. Children these days are growing up with low concern for their health and more concern for what tastes good.

Without enough parental supervision, these kids grow up with little nutritional discretion and usually these kids grow into adults with both weight and health problems as well as teaching another generation that it is ok to waste money on unhealthy foods. So it is not only the young people of our generation that are being affected by the fast food industry, it is going to have an effect for generations to come, if something isn’t done about the consumption of fast food.

It’s up to us!
As is expected the fast food industry is not going to think it possible to suddenly change its direction after years of offering poor food choices. It will have to come from the consumer demanding healthier food choices. Our vote comes with where we shop and what we buy. Our children and grandchildren will grow up with weight and other health problems if they continue eating the fast food.

We can read all the studies that show links between fast food and obesity and fast food and obesity in children. We can look on as medical science proves that fast food causes obesity, but if we, as consumers do nothing and continue to feed these foods to our children, the health problems that will be the end result will be our own fault.

I couldn't have said it better myself...As far as where I was going with this post..I really don't know...I guess to just encourage all of you that are out there, that may read the best you can in making healthier choices with the food you eat, with the food you feed your families...Oh, and exercise...just 30 minutes a day. Take the video games and the t.v.'s away from your children...Summer is almost here. Lead by example, get out and exercise...encourage them to play outside, ride thier bikes, go to the park, etc...and maybe, just and your loved ones, can live a longer, healthier life.

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