Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yoplait...Nourish Your Inner Goddess.....

A couple weeks ago, before my vacation...I was contacted by the wonderful people over at Myblogspark.com....they sent me a wonderful packet of goodies in the mail..provided by Yoplait and My Blogspark
Now, I love to eat healthy...I am always on the look out for something new to try...and I love Greek Yogurt...when I seen that Yoplait had put out their own version...I couldn't wait to try it.
In fact, before MyBlogspark had contacted me..I had already tried the Strawberry favor..and I liked it very much...I found it to be very thick and creamy...not too sugary tasting like some yogurts I have tried.
Taken from the Yoplait website:

Yoplait Greek has double the protein than the leading yogurt and 0% fat in every serving. Plus it’s the only leading brand of Greek yogurt with vitamins A and D in every cup. Get your spoons ready and choose from four delicious flavors! Strawberry, Blueberry, Honey Vanilla and Plain.

Nutritional stats:
Total Fat - Grams 0

% DV Fat 0

Saturated Fat - grams 0

% DV Saturated Fat 0

Trans Fat - grams 0

Cholesterol - mg 10

% DV Cholesterol 3

Sodium - mg 95

% DV Sodium 4

Potassium - mg 270

% DV Potassium 8

Total Carbohydrate - grams 19

%DV Carbohydrate 6

Dietary Fiber - grams 0

% DV Dietary Fiber 0

Sugars - grams 18

Protein - grams 12

% DV Protein 23

% DV Vitamin A 15

% DV Vitamin C 0

% DV Calcium 30

% DV Iron 0

% DV Vitamin D 20

% DV Phosphorus 25

Diet Exchanges 1-1/2 skim milk

And...only 130 calories per serving.

I can't wait to try the other 3 servings!

Now..my blogspark and Yoplait have given me permission to offer a free gift pack of the above to one of my lovely readers...

The Packet is titled...Nourish Your Inner Goddess and comes with 2 free coupons for Yoplait Greek yogurt, a bath towel sarong/wrap, bath slippers, and some bath toiletry items....

All you have to do is comment or email me with how you like to nourish your Inner Goddess, tell me what flavor of YoPlait Greek yogurt you would like to try, link back to my post here...and in one week, I will randomly choose a winner.

Also, if you would like to get a coupon for money off of Yoplait Greek Yogurt...visit this link right here:
This coupon offer for a free cup of Yoplait Greek yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Tennessee.

Thanks for reading...and remember...every day to Channel that Inner Goddess within you!


Sicilian said...

I would love to try Strawberry yogurt. I don't think I've ever had Greek style.
I noursh my inner self with sunshine, walks, and lots of petting for my little spotted terrier.

Anonymous said...

I love Peach Yogurt and I nourish my inner Godess by belly-dancing, drinking lots of water, giving myself mani/pedis and cleaning my house naked! Girl...you better call me or e-mail sometime!!!! I miss youuuuu! :-) I could also really use a bathrobe and slippers (except when I clean) *wink wink* That's why I should win! ...Good excuse for you to come out to my house too....LOL! xoxo Carmine :-)

Steph said...

I would love to try the honey vanilla. MMMMM!!!

I nourish my inner goddess by doing yoga, getting pedicures, drinking lots of water and spending lots of time outdoors.

Hope you're having a good day:)